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$1,000 for paid posts – a milestone for Payperpost, I’d gather?

$1,000 for paid posts – a milestone for Payperpost, I’d gather?

Payperpost, the company that pays you to write good things about stuff, happily announced that blogger Colleene Weenie has reached $1,000 through their service. You might remember that the service caused quite a ruckus when it appeared online, something Matt wrote about here (as did I on my blog). Perhaps this amount of money quiets some naysayers, I don’€™t know.

Anyway, there’€™s an interview over at the Payperpost blog, all very pimpish for the service of course. If I didn’€™t know better I’€™d think it was fixed, but since nothing else but my cynical nature points to this I’€™m sure it’€™s not.

I wonder what the average paid blog post weighed in at, since most posts seems to pay less than $5. The $1,000 was made over two months but sure, $500 is more than most bloggers make each month.

A massive signup for Payperpost lingers?

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  • I think it’s pathetic that it took seven weeks to generate $1000. Is this supposed to make me want to go jump on the service?

    How is $7000 a year supposed to get me excited about mindless product repping?

    As if it’s not already completely obvious, I think PayPerPost sucks!

  • I agree with you there Chris, it’s not a whole lot of money for a professional blogger. But how about all of the bloggers out there who put Adsense on their blogs in hope of actual revenue, but ended up with a couple of bucks each month? They know squat about transforming $5 to $50 monthly, so then this might be a nice and easy way for them to actually make some money. Even if isn’t much in reality, it’s an easy solution that just about anyone can jump on.

  • Aha – but I’m not a professional blogger. I have a full time job, and this is maybe 30 minutes of my day. And I’m not rich, so that $7000 covers vacations, things for my house, new clothes, dinners out, whatever I want. Mindless or not – to each his own. I think I figured out my average per post was $7 or so?

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