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1000 sacred cows over a very long time

1000 sacred cows over a very long time

Regular readers have picked up a running joke here at The Blog Herald in relation to me upsetting a lot of people, I’ve dubbed it everthing from 1000 sacred cows, to pissing off the A-List, but just to show that although some times it’s serious, its always meant constructively; this is the unofficial first post of the sacred cows meme: deconstructing the A and B list of the Blogoshpere, the first Blog Herald Roast, and No.1 off the rank:

Blogger: Duncan Riley

Riley spells like Sh*t. He constantly confuses there and their and is berated by his wife, who occasionally leaves comments on The Blog Herald on a Friday with the things she wants him to pick up at Woolworths on the way home just to be sure he remembers. Grammar sometimes goes out the door, because despite doing the highest level of English in High School he then went on to study the evil subject of Marketing. Being Australian he is confused by the differences in Her Majesties English and American English. Z’s and S’ confuse him regularly, and he tends to vary between both. He unfairly picks on Scoble…well at least Scoble seems to think so, but he secretly worships Scobe and prays daily for him to be delivered from Geek evil. Riley sometimes sounds righteous to new readers, and is labelled as being naive by the readers of one of his favorite reads: ThreadWatch, which recently he has been forced to read using a web browser because Nick W still hasn’t fixed the RSS feed. He regularly F*cks up code, but finds the thrill of coding to live sites fun, and has the only working PVR in the whole of Western Australia, the only state in Australia that still believes that shops opening on a Sunday is tantamount to Devil Worship. He really sucks at moneterizing blogs, but is getting a whole lot better, but desperately wants to be like Darren Rowse without becoming a Baptist. He also gave up Caffeine for his 30th Birthday, and has taken to gazing at bottles of Pepsi Max in the Supermarket after drinking 5 green teas in the morning. He’s also planning to go into business with a couple of high profile chaps to make sure that the idea of Weblog Empire grows, but that story is for another day :-)

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  • As speaker John DeMartini says, “The more people I piss off, the more people I help.”

    Pissing people off comes with the territory. If you’ve got a popular site and don’t piss anyone off, you’re probably not doing much good either. Just let it go and keep on writing. And remember that whenever you violate a sacred cow, at the same time you’re attracting people who are also ready to violate that particular idol.

    The greatest people in history were extremely good at upsetting people. So you’re in good company.

  • He also uses the world “Whilst” almost as much as Darren does, which he somehow left out of this post. It probably took more will power than not picking up that pepsi! ;)

    I’ve been caffine free for 6 months or so now. If you need a soda now and then most Root Beer doesn’t have caffine, though I’ve only had 2 in the last 6 months. I don’t like drinking calories, what a waste!

  • It’s OK, guys…I drink enough caffeine for both of you, and I have no plans to quit. It’s my only vice!

    BTW, I got a good laugh out of this post…it was a great idea. Duncan, I think you and I are both prone to rants. No use fighting it…just embrace your true nature ; )

  • very smart move Duncan … I’ve noticed lately you’re getting into verbal stoushes and getting as good as you dish out … self-deprecating humor is a great comeback (Aussie translation: our national pastime is take the urine out of each other).

    5 Green Teas in the morning – you know where I’ll be the rest of the morning (toilet humor).

    Ahh, caffeine … my only vice: Gloria Jeans (a little like Starbucks for the uninititated) is my crux – oh that and eating and drinking too much (love a good scotch or three)

    Keep on slapping them around Duncan, you’re a great read from many other bland blogs – at least you have a voice (okay you may rant and f up once in a while, but geez who gives a …)

    I didn’t know they had an internet connection in WA yet ;-)

  • Sorry, Chrispian; after reading Duncan’s confession, it was just a knee-jerk reaction to start editing. I have held back so long from Duncan’s posts… ;)

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