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14 Inspiring Gardening Blogs

14 Inspiring Gardening Blogs

The long stay-home orders have pushed people to rekindle their love for plants and gardening. Gardening blogs have become such an interest in the past year that creating a gardening blog has become quite monetizable. Gardening has an impressive variety of topics that ideas can easily come flowing for writers and bloggers. Creating a gardening blog, and also reading them, is an enjoyable process.  

Besides that, gardening is always therapeutic. There is solace in the peace and quiet of gardening. It may be a silent activity, but you can hear and feel nature speaking to you in ways that is beyond understanding. In this time when people need support for mental health, gardening can be a good therapeutic alternative.

Here are some specific niche ideas for gardening blogs:

  • Urban gardening – learning how to garden in small urban spaces
  • Seasonal gardening – what can we plant that survives through seasons, and what are great seasonal plants
  • Indoor plant ideas – researching which plants are great inside the home (placement, sizes, pot selection) and how to care for them
  • Foraging for beginners – exploring all the good stuff nature has to offer
  • Sustainable gardening – discovering what edible plants we can plant in our backyard to lessen trips to the market
  • Fertilizers and composting – studying what we can do with scraps, how to compost them, and reuse them in gardening

There are hundreds more of ideas we can produce when creating gardening blogs. The list above are just a few examples yet they can produce thousands of topic and post iterations. This makes planning for a gardening blog fun and easy.

If you want to join the niche, here are some great gardening blogs to be inspired by:

Seed Money

This is blog, and these kinds of blogs, are those that we really need to support. Not only do they create content for the niche, they also pay it forward by providing funding for small-time farmers in small countries around the world. Through reading, and of course donating, we can help farmers feed their families even when we are thousands of miles away.


Looking for all that DIY, Pinterest-worthy ideas? Milkwood might be the great place to start.

A Way to Garden

Interestingly, there is such a thing as a gardening podcast. This could only mean that if you are a blogger who is having second thoughts on creating a podcast for your topic, A Way to Garden shows you anything is possible.

Four Season Foraging

Instead of creating your own garden, why not enjoy nature’s biggest garden – the earth! Foraging, if done responsibly, is a sustainable way to life. Imagine not having to put in effort in caring for a garden but be able to skip a few trips to the market. This is also a great way to learn survival techniques through food. In case of an apocalypse, what kinds of stuff present in nature can we use as a safe food source?

Get Busy Gardening

If it is expert advise you need, then this gardening blog is great for you.

Garden Therapy

Therapy comes in many forms. Some people do it by dancing, others do it by singing, while some go through the process by gardening. It is truly a therapeutic activity. The silence can help in improving meditation. Then, all the energy from unprocessed emotions and feelings can be transformed and translated into beautiful living things.

The Yarden

Gardening is an art form and this is exactly what this blog reminds us with. There is a creative process in helping plants thrive. There is precious education behind gardening even though everyone can do it. Such education can lead to self-sufficiency, and eventually, empowerment.

Gardening Know How

Of course, the how-to blogs are the most common. Yet, they are the most read and the most useful. This blog not only teaches us about how to plant in our garden, it also teaches us how to make gardening a meaningful journey.

Two Thirsty Gardeners

An interesting twist of events – gardening and brewing. Yes, you can brew your own beer products with your stuff you get from your garden given the right conditions and the right process. This blog is unique and clever because they combined two really great things.

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Urban Organic Gardener

It is one thing to create a garden in a small urban space. However, it is a whole different ball game to create an organic garden in a small urban apartment. Clean eating and clean living really is such a good trend right now, and it is inspiring to see so many small families create small gardens in their homes. It is just a good proof that sustainable living, and gardening can be done pretty much anywhere.

Floret Flowers

A gardening blog focused precisely on lovely flowers.

The Frustrated Gardener

What can we say, every one right now is a frustrated gardener. These kinds of gardening blogs remind us that patience is essential in making a garden thrive.

Nourishing Pursuits

How do we translate our love for gardening into a greener, healthier lifestyle? This gardening blog is a good blog to visit and be inspired by. The produce from our gardens can be a great stepping stone towards healthier and cleaner eating.

Growing with Plants

Basically, this gardening blog teaches all of us how to literally grow stuff. A lot of times, we already buy thriving plants and re-plant or re-pot them at home. But how do we truly grow them from something small?

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