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15 Monospaced Typefaces to Try This Year

15 Monospaced Typefaces to Try This Year

Monospaced typefaces are among the common trends for blogs and websites this year. In recent years, there have been ongoing movements towards simplicity and minimalism. In fact, it became so popular that it has affected even the digital world. This includes website design, blogging, and even content creation. Not just that, monospaced typefaces are actually quite soothing for the eyes. In this font design, each character occupies the same amount of horizontal space. They are known as fixed-width and non-proportional.

Here are some of the coolest monospaced typefaces to try this year:

Nova Mono – Google Fonts

Blog fonts are essential in the overall look and vibe of a website. If you want your blog to have a simplistic look but not in the paperback book feel, this monospaced fontface is a good choice.

Monoton – Google Fonts

If you want to go for that monospaced look but you are looking for a bold design for headers and titles, this might be the best one to choose. Monoton from Google Fonts is great for headers and titles. It is also great for headlines, slogans, and even taglines.

Monofett – Google Fonts

Monofett is a good alternative for Monoton. If you want a bold design but something a bit lighter for the eyes, then Monofett might be a good choice.

Cutive Mono – Google Fonts

For bloggers that want to have a vintage vibe on their blogs, the Cutive Mono font from Google is one of the safest choices. It is not too straining for the eyes and is easy to read regardless of size.

Overpass Mono – Google Fonts

Something like the Cutive Mono but with bolder characters. This is also easy to read and not too straining for the eyes. This is great for narrative blogs or short story blogs.

Ubuntu Mono – 1001 Fonts

What is great about Ubuntu Mono is that there are different styles – italic, bold, and bold italic.

Courier – 1001 Fonts

Courier is a classic. It is available everywhere and in almost any software.

Audimat Mono – Font Squirrel

Auditmat Mono gives a bit of a futuristic look. It is very simple but quite unique at the same time.

Moby – Adobe Fonts

Feeling nostalgic? The Moby font from Adobe fonts feel like the text used in 8bit games from the ’90s.

Monotalic – Adobe Fonts

If you want your blog to have a romantic and feminine vibe, Monotalic is a good monospaced typeface to choose. It has the standard script with bits of cursive here and there. It is one of the cutest monospaced fonts on the internet.

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Mono45 Headline – Adobe Fonts

This font is great for the menu bar, the footer, and other standard elements of your blog. Not really recommendable for the content because of its full-capslock design, but it is great everywhere else.

Akkurat Mono – Lineto

This is one of the typefaces that are recommendable for lengthy content. It is very basic and simple, but very easy to read.

Replica Mono – Lineto

Basic and unique – these are the two words to best describe the Replica Mono font.

Bradford Mono – Lineto

Going for the editorial or magazine blog style? The Bradford Mono is a good choice. As it advertises, it is used by many journals on the internet.

Mono – Lineto

This design also gives off an old-school computer vibe. Also not recommendable for content, but great for headers, footers, and other design elements in a blog.

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