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Weblog Empire: the worlds newest weblog network launches

Weblog Empire: the worlds newest weblog network launches

(media release)
The worldest newest weblog network Weblog Empire has officially launched today, bringing together a number of previously separate blogs, and launching a new blog, into a new network that aims to make quality content easier to find.

Weblog Empire, the brainchild of Western Australian blogger Duncan Riley, the editor of the leading blogging news site The Blog Herald, leverages years of experience in internet design and marketing, in an attempt to provide a superior product that meets growing consumer
demand for quality content in a crowded marketplace.

“With some 60 million blogs out there, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find quality content in the blogosphere” said Mr Riley.

“Weblog Empire aims at bringing together existing sites, as well as introducing new sites that provide quality information and content for the enjoyment of the average consumer and blog reader”.

“The network will develop a number of new sites that are targeted not only to heavy computer users and bloggers, but also to the average user who may otherwise not be familiar with blogs”.

The network launches with five blogs: The Blog Herald the blogospheres leading source of blog news with some 300,000-500,000 page views per month, that has been quoted or referenced by media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, CBS, ABC, Yahoo News, Google News, the Sydney Morning Herald, AP, and many others.

Joining the Blog Herald are existing sites the Mortgage Refinancing
a general finance blog focusing on mortgage, refinancing, real estate and related news; The Search Engine Herald dedicated to news related to search engines, and PVR Spot dedicated to news related to personal video recorders, Tivo, Replay TV and related topics.

The first new network blog, also launched today, is “The Gadget Blog” edited by Malaysian blogger Colbert Low.

Colbert brings a wealth of experience to the network, including a background in Information Technology, and as author of The SMSGuide.

The Gadget Blog aims to reach out to blog readers and consumers who may otherwise feel alienated from other existing gadget related blogs.

“I’m excited about joining a network that has such a great potential in differentiating itself in a crowded marketplace” said Mr Low.

“I respect the market leaders in Weblog Inc’s Engadget, and Gawker Media’s Gizmodo, but I believe that there is still a market that is not fully catered for by these blogs”.

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“The Gadget Blog will be unique in offering a more international perspective on gadgets, as well as being more approachable in terms of its relationship with its readers”

The new network enters the market place with approximately 500,000 page views a month and aims to achieve 1 million page views within 3 months. It also has a number of blogs in development and aims to continue to release new blogs in the coming months that will complement the existing sites, as well as providing more quality content for readers.

About Duncan Riley:
Duncan Riley has a background in marketing and public relations and first started writing on the internet in 1995. He launched the Blog Herald in 2003, which today stands as the leading site of blog news on the internet, attracting millions of viewers, and being widely reference by leading main stream media companies on issues relating to blogs.

About Colbert Low:
Colbert Low has more than 6 years experience in IT services and Systems Integration. Currently an IT Consultant at a Singapore based IT Services Company and has been dealing with major customers like Citibank, Nokia, Ericsson and Flextronics. Colbert has been on the Internet since 1997 and is an ardent fan of gadgets, IT stuff and mobile technology.

Contact: Duncan Riley can be contacted on email: [email protected], Skype: duncanriley or phone +61 412 844237 (please note +8 GMT time zone). Colbert Low can be contacted on email: [email protected]

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