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2 new blogs networks launch promising 100% revenue

2 new blogs networks launch promising 100% revenue

Another week, another blog network or 2 :-)

This week takes us to two new blog networks with a twist, both offering variations on a 100% of Adsense/ YPN revenue model: finefools from Paul Scrivens (better known for his role as CEO of 9rules), with a name that shows unlike some of his underlings he actually does have a wicked sense of humor, and a second network out of Canada: Webby Media from Omar Al-Hajjar.

The variations between the two: finefools offers the revenue from the Adsense/ YPN ads only, where as Webby Media offers 100% of all revenue, which is an interesting business model.

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  • My guess would be, based on the way they’re talking, that 100% will go to the authors until such a time as the business is “sustainable”, and then a new payment method will be implemented.

    I’m sure Omar will be by shortly to clarify though :)

  • Thanks for the link, Duncan.

    Melissa, right now the focus is on growth, as opposed to being profitable out of the gate. Growing content, experience, blogger profiles, reputation, links, etc.

    In return for the 100% revenue share, we ask that bloggers publish frequently through out the course of the month (50 posts a month).

    There might come a point where we may switch the payment model for any new bloggers we contract with. Models don’t have to be static, especially for Web 2.0 companies.

    (Boy, Paul and Jeremy are FAST! :))

  • scrivs: yea, would be interested to know what the “deal” is with finefools. I mean, you already have 9rules and it’s pretty famous so… what’s the deal with finefools? why the 100% revenue offer?

  • Over time depending on the growth of a site other avenues of advertising revenue will be brought on board and those will be split between the writers and myself in some form or another. There will definitely never be any surprises as it’s a pretty open system.

    Checkout Fine Fools and Work Boxers for more of the backstory as to why I started off with this model. I don’t wish to flood Duncan’s site with more of my useless babble.

  • 100% revenue, all revenue. Not just contextual ad programs, all revenue made on the blog. The contract spells out all the revenue streams, it also has a provision to include any future revenue that aren’t known today (MSN is getting into the game).

    Get in touch with me if there’s anything else.

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