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20% of Spanish people have blogs, 11% of Dutch people: report

20% of Spanish people have blogs, 11% of Dutch people: report

According to a report in the Dutch Newspaper Telecom Paper, 11 percent of Dutch people have a blog, compared with 20 percent of Spanish people, although the site is subscription only at 5 euro’s a day so I don’t have a direct link to the report (found via Google News).

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  • Just have a look at the Intel Digital Lifestyle report 2005 where this is taken from. I’m sure you will find an English version as well as it is a research that is done in 7 European countries (including UK).

    For the Dutch readers:

    (…) Niet minder dan 11% van de Nederlandse respondenten geeft aan een weblog te hebben. Als we echter in Europees verband kijken loopt Nederland bepaald niet voorop. In Spanje zegt maar liefst 20% te bloggen, onder de Spaanse vrouwen is het zelfs 22%. Italië volgt met 14%. Frankrijk (10%), Duitsland (10%), Groot-Brittannië (7%) en Zweden (7%) laten we wel achter ons (…)

    See also:

  • I haven’t read the mentioned report, but that sounds way to high for me, at least in regards to Spanish blogs.

    The most optimistic count I’ve seen is a PR note from Microsoft that mentions 2 million myspace users quoting Nielsen/Net Ratings info. Being the single country with higher myspace penetration (due to very high messenger usage and MS market share?), that’s about 4.5% of the population and way below what’s mentioned on this post.

  • As Julio says, this is a great surprise for those that we follow closely the Spanish blogosphere. Almost 9 millions of blogs? But, where do they get?

    As trackbacks doesn`t rule, this is the URL of my post about this news.

  • The 2 million myspace users mentioned by Julio are correct, but they also include the Latin American blogosphere.

    I have seen many times, when they mention something about spanish it’s referring to Spain and all the Latin American countries (which also speak spanish).

  • “11 percent of Dutch people have a blog, compared with 20 percent of Spanish people”

    The Netherlands have around 16 mill. residents => 11% .. no way!
    Spain has ~43 mill… even 20% blogs??
    Following the comment no.1, i dont buy that Germany has about 8 mio Blogs and so on and so on (in reality there are between 60.000-250.00 active german blogs, nobody does know it exactly)

    Its not a big deal imho, but dont believe numbers even – imho – you seems to like the whole world blogging :-)

  • if you read the report, you will see that it says that the 20% o Spanish people which has a PC at home or a mobile phone (and it would be great checking how did they get that list [maybe from registrations on a Internet service?]) uses a services called “Blogging” (which could be reading or writing). which was the question?

    “have you ever used a blog?”, is a question which can be answer yes if you read them or if you write on them (and comments are also writing).

    pay attention to your headlines.

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