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2020 Design Trends [Infographic]

2020 Design Trends [Infographic]

2020 is here, and as most people get on with their new year new me mantra, it’s also important to make sure your website is just as new and improved

But in a world where the internet world is constantly changing, how do you know what is trending and what is just a fad? Thanks to San Diego based printing company Coastal Creative for staying on top of the curve as they continuously predict hit trends year after year.

When it comes to trends in digital and graphic design, 2020 is a year that is looking towards the future. A new decade kicks off with design elements that embrace the surreality of the digital landscape and evoke a sense of endless possibility. You can look forward to trends such as immersive virtual reality panoramas, zero-gravity layouts, surreal product photography, and vivid, and futuristic colors.

View the full list of predictions for 2020 design trends from Coastal Creative in the colorful infographic below.

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