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21 Publish Launches Enterprise Blogging Software

21 Publish Launches Enterprise Blogging Software

Press release> 21Publish Inc. has launched enterprise blogging software specifically designed to create private-label blogging communities.

21Publish provides a hosted application that enables organizations to easily set up a private-label blogging community, called a BlogPortal. A BlogPortal is a network of inter-connected blogs that operates under its own domain name and can be customized to reflect the look and feel of any organization. Additionally 21Publish’s sophisticated access management system ensures access security and allows individual bloggers to decide if content is available to the public or to a selected audience only

With 21Publish organizations, associations, small and medium sized enterprises, alumni associations, online communities, etc. can instantly, easily and effectively share information that they previously were able to communicate only through complicated email chains and limited-access websites.

“We are proud to present the first collaborative blogging application specifically designed for the needs of organizations” said Stefan Wiskemann, President. “Web publishing has been made very easy with blogs and their popularity has soared as a result. We felt that organizations and communities could benefit tremendously from the technology if only there was a way to customize it to their specific needs. By developing a system that interconnects the various blogs and makes them usable for an organization we have created an effective project management and communication tool unlike anything that exists today.”

21Publish Inc. is a spin-off of 20six (, the leading provider of weblogs in Europe, with active communities in Germany , Netherlands , France and the UK . 21Publish is headquartered in Hamburg , Germany and New York , NY .

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