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2600, and my first new years resolution

2600, and my first new years resolution

WOW! I’ve just posted before this post my 2,600th post, with 6,472 comments. This is up from 2,000 posts and 3,582 comment as at 21 August 2005. Thats a 30% increase in posts in less than 4 months and a 80.7% increase in comments over the same time frame. And yet the civility of blogging that Mena so eloquently interrupts in speeches has been lost. I’ve been more sarcastic than I’ve ever been. I’ve made poor taste jokes about Terrorism and worms, I’ve made fun of Flock, and as always, fun of SixApart, although sometimes they are their own worst enemies.

So as much as you aren’t going to lose me next year, I’m deeply concerned that Caz, the Editor of Australia’s best blog (by far, may I add, and its a bloody travesty that it hasn’t one an award yet) The Spin Starts Here has been critical of me, given that she is one of the only bloggers on the planet that I really, really don’t want to upset, I’m going to resolve to reform my ways.

My first new year’s resolution is to be nice to Mena Trott. Indeed I’m going to run a biography series on her looking at how she is misunderstood, and all the wonderful things she’s done. She’ll probably never forgive me for the things I’ve said but it will at least allow me to suck up to Anil Dash and Jay Allen (the SA Jay Allen) and maybe detente may be possible. You never know, they might even give me a free pass to use MT as I feel free to use it so I can start writing again about MT issues, plugins, and stuff (hint, hint Anil :-) ). We will see how it goes. I still reserve the right to write about SA if they stuff up, but I also promise to write more postivie stories as well. They are, after all still the fairytale story of the blogosphere.

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  • Dear Duncan,

    I am gladdened to my very core to hear you shall reform your ways and embrace the intermanet love and the entire purpose of blogging – being nice to EVERYONE.

    Hooray for Everything Week ends at 5pm AEDT and I may no longer support the above statement after that time. Hooray for the end of Hooray for Everything Week!

    Love and kisses,


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