3 million French bloggers and counting: reports

France looks like its becoming the European leader in terms of blog numbers according to new reports indicating that some 3 million blogs now exist created in France.

Business Week reports that 5% of the entire French population now writes a blog, compared with an estimated 3% of people in the United States, which give France’s population of just over 60 million people equates to 3 million, which also tallies with the always excellent LoicLeMeur Wiki of the European blogosphere which also estimates a figure of 3 million people. Of interest in the LoicLeMeur Wiki figures is that over 2 million of the blogs are said to be hosted on Skyblog (2.4 million at the time of writing), which is described as a main stream media blogging service. The strong market position of Skyblog would make in unique in the blogosphere globally with the exception of non-roman lettering markets, where services such as Blogger, Spaces and Six Apart Live Journal tend to dominate over local offerings.

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