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$3 million starts to emerge

$3 million starts to emerge

John Gotts bought the domain for a whopping $3 million, and now it’s time to get it running. In a recent press release it was announced that Mr. Gotts teams up with Mindtouch, a company that offers business wikis and various solutions for businesses in general.

According to Marshall Kirkpatrick at TechCrunch (nice write-up about there by the way) Mindtouch uses a revamped version of MediaWiki known as DekiWiki adding a wysiwyg editor which haven’€™t reached the distributed open source version yet put is available through plugins and hacks which of course is available for download as well (thanks Wheatgrass). today is a modestly designed site where you can create your own wiki for free. The service is ad supported and should attract lots of users just because of its domain name, something Gotts have pointed out on several occasions. And sure, it’€™s a great place to start looking if you are wiki hungry, but would you go with the service just because of the domain name? I think not.

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Then again, a wiki boom and Gotts’€™ $3 milljon might not appear to be that much money after all.

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