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The Unstylish CEO

The Unstylish CEO

9rules Network CEO Paul Scrivens, who doesn’t allow comments on his blog claims to be the best dressed person in the geek community:

Even when I am sick I am the best dressed person in this geek community. Doesn’€™t say much, but damn did I look good the times I left the room.

I don’t know many CEOs who use a trademark (Oreo) as part of the name of their blog and who think that wearing jeans and a sideways baseball cap makes them the “best dressed person in the geek community”. Or a sideways cap w/ headphones, and a funky hand sign.

When I think about best dressed, I think about what Thomas and Hugh have created over at English Cut, a wonderful community about fashion and style – and great men’s clothing.

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I realize that this whole Web 2.0 / AJAX thing is supposed to be about being different and the “new media world”, but if you want to be taken seriously, start dressing like it.

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  • A few years ago, in HS, in college and then in 6 years in the Army, I met several hundred like Paul.

    He’s using you to stoke his ego. The more you hate on him, the more he likes it.

    He and Paris Hilton are just alike, it doesn’t matter what you’re saying, as long as you’re talking about them.

    Two things :

    1) If you don’t like what Paul stands for, ignore him, don’t feed him links.

    2) Paul, you’re smarter than I gave you credit for, as they keep falling for it.

    BTW – in HS, in college and in the Army, I used to beat the hell out of those little people who were begging for attention. I’d have to take his stupid little sideways hat and mail it to Borneo.

    Also, he’s right Paul, you do look like a gooberass. But a well dressed gooberass.

  • That’s ok, I enjoy poking fun at him from time to time.

    If he had a real blog, he would have comments.


  • I met the dude at SXSW and have spoken to him on IM/email for a while.

    I don’t know many CEOs who use a trademark (Oreo)

    What’s it matter. It’s only a bit of fun, he’s not using it to sell things or using the brand to his advantage.

    To be honest, CEO is such a loose term nowadays that every kid with a company calls themselves it. Titles are even more meaningless in our in our industry. Saying that, I do think CEO is a fair title for Paul.

    Our industry is about creative thinking and the attire is meant to represent that and to give the wearer as much comfort. I’ve worked in places with both uniform/smart wear and those that where whatever you want.

    Also I reckon when your a CEO, it’s your choice what to wear. You represent your company and by having laid back fashion, it kinda suggests that his companies are.

  • Re: the blog name

    Just common sense. It’s only a matter of time before Nabisco, or their parent company Kraft, asks for the domain name. I know, because I’ve been on the receiving end of those letters before. Not saying I agree with that sort of crap, but it’ll happen because lawyers are lawyers.

    Re: Dress

    Honestly, I usually sit about in a t-shirt and jeans/sweatpants, which is what I’m wearing right now on my couch as I write this. But when I goto trade shows, conferences, seminars, consulting gigs, etc, I dress like a professional – because I’m representing my firm, my co-workers, and all of those that work with us. It’s time to professional.


  • Maybe it ain’t a blog…maybe it’s his business card / billboard.

    He really should use someone else’s picture though.

    Bad clothes…bad hair….no style…..uncouth…..

    Damn Scrivs, how can you stand to be you ?

  • “Bad clothes…bad hair….no style…..uncouth…..

    Damn Scrivs, how can you stand to be you “

    Mike – Just because you happen to disagree with how Paul dresses doesn’t mean these one-sided personal attacks are necessary or warranted. This type of persecution is pretty low, even for The Blog Herald.

  • “persecution”

    I wasn’t aware that poking fun at someone’s fashion sense is “persecution”. Nice.

  • Rundlebot,
    This is not persecution. The folks in China they have persecution to deal with. Africa thats persecution. This was a touch of snark get over yourselves. BTW didn’t you “persecute” Dave Winer a few days back, and plenty of other folks. Oh shit so did we. But it was called snark. Anyhow Rundlebot go back to hyping stuff you do a much better job of that than trying so hard to worry about TBH’s persecution of an innocent CEO who stole a business name, is launching a porn blog network, and yet thinks he can run the internets largest PC and Religiously correct Blogging Club and yet we aren’t supposed to poke a little fun at the arrogant bloke who can’t dress. Yet still remains a huge womanizer.

  • >>”…thinks he can run the internets largest PC…”

    Scrivs, just how big is your PC? Is it one of those 1950’s computers that’s driven by valves and punchcards? And anyway, I thought you used a Mac.


  • Gotta love it when grownup men act like annoying little children. If this is the new ‘level’ on the Blog Herald I guess it’s time to unsubscribe.

  • Marco,

    The assumption being that they’re grown-up? Funny…

    Gee, wow, name calling. Now that is really grown up stuff! How impressive and warranted not to mention professional.

    Character assassination and proclamations of theft. More impressive stuff…

    You were right Matt – very entertaining. I. Don’t. Think. So.

    What did you say Matt?

    “I dress like a professional – because I’m representing my firm, my co-workers, and all of those that work with us. It’s time to professional.”

    Guess you had that talk with your #1 writer eh?

  • I have a meeting with myself every day – good fodder for conversation I’m sure.

    You said it yourself on your own blog yesterday – some people take things WAY too seriously.


  • Dear Mike from Businesslogs…..

    Sorry if you didn’t know I was being sarcastic and snarky…Scrivs knew, I’m sure, as I’ve been very supportive of all his blogs and writings for a long time now.

    His work gets more hits per day than our whole network gets in a month.

    Here’s a tip for you….most people can defend themselves and know what’s being said….you don’t have to kiss up and come to Scrivs defense every time someone takes a potshot at him…in case you missed my previous comment, it would have made it more clear that I was actually on his side and letting the world know they were not hurting him.

    I actually like him…even though he’s ugly and dresses bad !

    In the words of Emeril, ” Get yer own show ! “

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