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Bloggers are Full of Crap

Bloggers are Full of Crap

Our friends at Those Bastards point to an article in The Guardian stating that, essentially, bloggers are full of crap:

Bloggers and internet pundits are exerting a “disproportionately large influence” on society, according to a report by a technology research company. Its study suggests that although “active” web users make up only a small proportion of Europe’s online population, they are increasingly dominating public conversations and creating business trends.

I guess we could look at this in two different ways.

In the context of the world at large, any pundit with a large enough audience can exert a disproportionately large influence on their target audience. Radio show megamouths like Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken, Sean Hannity, or any number of others are essentially professionally pissed off people with a large audience. With enough motivation and repetition, any one of these guys can stir up a hornet’s nest out of nothing.

Blogs really aren’t any different.

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I think back to an incident a few weeks ago where someone had stolen the design of one of the more popular blogs in the “Professional Blogging” circle. A couple of nasty posts later by some major blogs – the story caught fire – and within a few hours the stolen design was gone and replaced with a boring old template.

But to a point made by Those Bastards, any person who looks at the blogosphere and thinks that places like Daily Kos truly represent the United States or the blogosphere as a whole is dumber than they look.

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  • gee, and here I always thought that the MSM and the government and Hellywood exerted an undue, disproportionate, unseemly, and repulsive influence on society.

    Who would’ve thought that blogs could rise to this nefarious position?

    Way to go bloggers! Keep kicking butt!

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