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Techcrunch turns a year old

Techcrunch turns a year old

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Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch is celebrating its one year anniversary today:

For people interested in statistics, here they are. This will be the 884th post on TechCrunch, and 23,713 comments have been left on those posts. Hundreds of companies and products have been featured here over the last year. Traffic and RSS subscribers continue to grow – there are around 65,000 RSS and email subscribers based on my Feedburner count, and TechCrunch serves 2-3 million page views per month. TechCrunch is now my full time job, and then some.

This is an amazing accomplishment for any blogger.. but to go from 0 to 59,000 subscribers in just a year is an incredible feat.

Steve Rubel has additional thoughts:

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The path Michael Arrington followed can be replicated by anyone else and it proves that blogs can eat into the mainstream media ad dollars and eyeballs. All you need to do is: a) identify a high interest topic online that currently does not have a blog tracking it, b) write about it very actively and do it well and c) don’t be afraid to promote it. Today Michael is viewed as a critical newsmaker. He breaks big stories on his own right and with the help of PR people.

Who will be the Michael Arrington of 2006?

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