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4 Productivity Tips While You Work from Home During The Lockdown

4 Productivity Tips While You Work from Home During The Lockdown

Most bloggers and marketers work from home even before the pandemic started. However, considering the situation at present, even those that are actually not working from home are forced to suddenly switch to such setup. The art of working from home follows the premise that you can be more productive at home than you are in the office. The reason for the perception is that you are cutting out committing time and the energy it takes to get to the office and home. Most of us have long commutes, up to an hour or more daily. When working from home, you cut that out and in theory, the time should help you increase productivity.

Now, for the first-timers, let us dig into some tips to helping you be as productive as possible while working from home.

Follow a Schedule During the Day

The first tip to being as productive as possible while working from home is that you need to follow a schedule. Map out your day so that you can do things such as eating breakfast and lunch, walking the dog, getting some fresh air, etc. You want to be on a schedule for a few reasons. First, you need to be present to attend any necessary meetings. Second, you need time in-between those meetings to allow yourself to actually get done what is necessary.

When you are setting up your daily schedule, create a backlog at the beginning of each day. The backlog should be a listing of things that need to get done. When you look at your backlog, put in priority order, and then begin to map out what you can accomplish. Doing this at the start of the day can help you set a goal, to execute during your schedule, adjusting along the way.

Update the Backlog Daily

Your individual backlog is something you want to update on a daily basis. The backlog we talked about in the prior section should roll from one day to the next. Things at the bottom of the backlog on Monday may move up by Wednesday, or they may drop back down if higher priority requests come in which require attention. It is all about maintaining a list of things and understanding what are the must-have items which require completion, and which can get deference.

Use Video During Your Calls

Interaction is something that can help you with engagement, productivity, and more. Interaction with other humans during your meetings can go a long way to keeping you on-point. There are so many software options available which allow you to do video chat, presenting yourself in a way where you can read body language and have a more natural conversation with your peer or client. Use video during your calls whenever possible. This forces you to dress for the day, prepare for the meetings, and practice quality engagement. These are all things which can help you be as productive as possible.

Have the Proper Equipment for Success

Think about the set-up you have when you are in the office and then compare it to what you have at home. If you are in the office, you have multiple screens, a keyboard, mouse, and more. At home, you may be working on a coffee table from the couch. You will not be as productive because you are lacking the proper equipment and set-up to do so.

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You need to buy the right equipment to set yourself up for productivity, success, on the home front. When you work remotely, get multiple monitors set up in a space you dedicate for work. The same goes for a chair, desk, keyboard, and more. Creating that home working set-up that allows you to put a barrier between work and your personal life is critical.

Not only is it important to have the right office space at home, but you also need to make sure you get the best mattress to help you get a quality night’s sleep. When you get up in the morning, rolling off of your comfortable mattress, you want to get ready in your personal space, and then proceed to your workspace. This mentally helps you prepare for the day ahead.

Wrap Up

With your backlog in hand, as well as a schedule to follow, you can make the most of the hours ahead of you. Use your set-up to your advantage, your technology to help with engagement, and your plan to stay on-point with what must be complete daily. All these are tools you can deploy to ensure you have an amazingly productive experience working from home daily.

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