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5 Tools for Busy Bloggers

5 Tools for Busy Bloggers

Nielsen reports that there are more than 181 blogs out in the blogosphere. Overall, 6.7 million people blog from a platform and 12 million use social networks to blog. With such a dense blogging climate, you’re likely thinking, “How can I make my blog stand out?” From fine-tuning your writing to using images in every post, starting with these tools can certainly help. And best of all, you can access all of these tools on-the-go. So unchain yourself from your desk and get to blogging.

Tools for busy bloggers

Take Your Wi-Fi Everywhere

Karma, a personal and portable Wi-Fi connection device, makes working on-the-go simple. With the pocket-sized device, you never have to hunt for an Internet connection again. It offers an ultra-fast 4G connection speed and connects to up to eight devices from your laptop to your HTC One M9 smartphone, allowing you to get more blogging done faster than ever before. Karma offers a pay as you go plan, so you’re never paying for data you don’t use.

Never Miss a Note

tools for busy bloggers


You never know when inspiration might strike, so take note of your blog ideas with Evernote. Evernote offers one workspace that enables you to write and store your short lists, collect web articles, snap photos and upload handwritten notes. Plus, if you’re working with a team, the Discuss tool allows for easy, seamless collaboration between everyone in real time across any device, from your smartphone to your at-home desktop. So whether you’re traveling or working from a coffee shop, you have access to all of your great ideas and inspiration. And best of all, it’s completely free. However, if you want access to additional tools, there is a monthly fee.

Track Your Time

Pressed for time? Get more done by tracking your time with E.ggTimer. The simple online countdown timer has a variety of time options to choose from, simply select how long you would like to work for, from five minutes to an hour, and get to work blogging. When the time is up, you’ll be alerted with a pop-up and a sound. Whether you’re writing new posts or scheduling social media content, E.ggTimer helps you stay focused and work quickly.

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Access Thousands of Free Photos


Posts with photos get 94 percent more views, according to data reported by Jeff Bullas. While you may not be able to capture your own photos while on-the-go for your articles, no post should go live without a visual. PhotoPin, a free photo tool for bloggers, grants you access to photos from Creative Commons and Flickr. Simply type in what type of image you’re searching for, download and add it to your post. Remember, always credit your source.

Analyze Your Writing

Don’t have access to an editor? Don’t worry; Hemingway can help. The Hemingway app outlines the readability of your post in an easy-to-understand way. It highlights complex sentences in yellow and uses red highlights to show where the writing is too dense and complicated. The app also highlights adverbs and suggests replacing them with verbs, and it uses green marks to show passive voice. Hemingway includes a readability score, word count and editing tools at no cost to bloggers like you.

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