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6 Remote Jobs For Supplemental Income

6 Remote Jobs For Supplemental Income

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For some people, working from home is the dream. You can wake up later, not have to worry about traffic, work in your pajamas, and take your lunch break just about whenever you see fit. 

Others may see it as a nightmare, being trapped in your house all day, just a room away from Netflix tempting you and calling you out to come finish that series you watched last night.

If you’re a blogger, you’re well accustomed to working from just about anywhere. But blogging is definitely an uphill battle. You’re not going to immediately be able to turn a profit off of your blog, no matter how good the writing is.

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That’s why plenty of bloggers look for an extra remote job as supplemental income to help support them while they get started. 

You already know that writers can work from anywhere, but what other jobs are out there to provide you with some extra cash?

Below, we’re going to run through six jobs that offer remote options that you can use to help support yourself in your quest for blog dominance.


Quick, we need you to do two things right now. One, check your pulse. Two, make sure you’re a native English speaker. Congratulations! You’re now eligible to teach English.

English is the world’s most taught language, and there are plenty of remote options for teaching kids and adults. You’ll find many of these jobs working with citizens from China, Japan or South Korea. These jobs also pay quite well, have referral programs, and longevity bonuses.

You can usually work around your own schedule and make some extra money on the side. 


If you’ve got multiple language skills, you can turn to translation. As a quick note, translation is changing the written word between multiple languages while interpreting is the spoken word.

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Obviously, you’ll need to have proficiency in both languages to do the job and have some prior experience as well. 

Customer Service

You might have this idea that customer service places are giant warehouses, filled with thousands of workers who don headsets just waiting to have an old lady call about how her toaster has a computer virus on it. 

In fact, many companies offer remote options for their customer support teams. Have you ever gone to a website and had a pop-up appear, asking you if you needed any help? Those pop-ups usually end up being remote workers after a while.

Plenty of companies go this route as well, meaning you have plenty of options out there. 

Data Entry and Captioning

You’re already typing all day, so why not a bit more? Data entry and captioning are two jobs that require very little training and have jobs available all over the world.

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Captioning companies are usually outsourced by big-name services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You’ll have a copy of the script and have to follow their guidelines, but it’s pretty easy to get started.

Data entry is exactly what it sounds like and while it may not be the most glorious job, it can help put some extra money in your pocket.

Office Assistant

How can you work remotely when you’re an office assistant? Well, digital office assistants tend to be a little less “office” and a lot more “assistant” than what you might be thinking.

Companies that operate online usually need someone to manage plenty of small tasks. Organizational duties, experience with basic technologies, CRM, data entry, social media work and more are just parts of the job. Your responsibilities could expand given the nature of the company, like organizing material transportation, setting up meetings, or creating travel plans.

You will have to be a quick learner and have a jack-of-all-trades type of skill set. 

Social Media Management and Marketing

Every company and business in the world has some kind of social media page and if they don’t, then they’re just dooming themselves.

For global companies, they often need someone to be managing their social media pages 24/7 in order to interact with customers and post relevant content. If you have experience in the area, then it could be a perfect job for you.

Marketing is also another area where plenty of places hire part-time or have flexible options. You’ll be responsible for writing copy, helping test ad campaigns, or both. Depending on the nature of the job, you’ll get to work with multiple people and boost your resume. 

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