60% of Blogger blogs Spam Blogs: test

A test from Google Blogscoped indicates that 60% of all blogs hosted on Google’s Blogger blogspot.com domain are spam blogs.

The test of 50 random blogs found 30 of them to be rubbish. A later test by the site of a further 100 blogs on blogspot.com indicated a spam rate of 42%.

To quote Philipp Lenssen

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“Google itself shows there are around 7,500,000 pages hosted on Blogspot. If we extrapolate the number, we might estimate Google is hosting 4 million spam pages. (Of course, this number is by no means in any way precise.) Even though I expected some amount of spam, I was surprised just how much it is. From the small sample I took it looks like on average, a site hosted at Google’€™s Blogspot is more likely to contain spam than anything else.”

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  • Out of whatever number of blogs Blogspot may host, a good deal of them certainly is spam. Just try using the Next>> button in the top-right corner where you have the “google bar”.

    Still, a test like this is highly inaccurate.
    If I tested 50 _random_ blogs, it could as well turn out to be 100% spam, or 0% spam, or 30% spam.

    In addition, 50 is a very small sample of x million.

  • This was a highly inaccurate test.

    I’m a fan of Blogoscoped, but I assume he just hit the Next bar on the first 100 Google Blogs. This would give very skewed results for the number of spammers.

    This is because the “next blog” button only registers the most recently updated blogs. And one of the tricks of spam bloggers is that they automatically update their blogs several times a day.

    So this stat would vastly overestimate the number of spam blogs on Blogger.

    By the way, Duncan, thanks so much for your advice on my blog recently.

    I was worried about how complicated it would be to move off Blogger and get my own domain name (but still stay with the Blogger software). I’ve since made the leap. It’s too soon to know how much this will improve visibility in the search engines, but I should know by next month.

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