60% of Chinese bloggers are female because “Girls are more emotional”

An interesting interview over on Businessweek with the Chairman of Blogcn, Hu Zhiguang, one of China’s biggest blog hosts, on the interesting nature of the Chinese blogosphere. 60% of their bloggers are female, according to Zhiguang because:

“Boys and men don’t have time to write very much. Girls are more emotional, more articulate about their feelings. Besides, a lot of boys are busy playing online games.”

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  • Interesting indeed. Different sources/hosts seem to have different statistics on the gender split in bloggers. Some put it at 50-50, while LiveJournal reckons almost 70% of its users are females.

    Of most interest is WHY he feels more women blog. I actually study language in blogs and it does appear to be the case that woman ARE more emotionally expressive within their blogs. Whether or not this is why they do it however, is another matter.

  • It’s probably the gaming that sucks guys away more. Girls are more…”communative” than guys who value their independence (is that why they fight so much?).

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