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70 Percent of Companies Have No Policies or Guidelines in Place for Employee Bloggers: report

70 Percent of Companies Have No Policies or Guidelines in Place for Employee Bloggers: report

A newly published report on blogs from Edelman and Intelliseek (of Blogpulse fame), “Talking From The Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers” has found that nearly 70 percent of companies have no policies or guidelines in place for employee bloggers, and that not having a policyt is a “clear liability for both companies and bloggers themselves.”

Other findings in the report:
– up to 9 percent of people posted to blogs (others or their own) to comment on or defend their
– Over a recent six-month period, blog postings with the phrase or derivative of “love my job” outnumbered those with “hate work” by about 2-to-1 and outnumbered those with “hate my boss” by about 4-to-1.
– Employee blogs have helped enhance the reputation of employers in many instances but have also hurt reputations in the case of several high-profile firings

“We have clear evidence that consumers and other important stakeholders make decisions about products and brands based largely on what a company’s employees say about them,” said Christopher Hannegan Senior Vice President and Director of Edelman’s Employee Engagement Practice. “Now blogs provide these same employees with access to a mass audience as never before. So companies need to understand that two powerful forces are beginning to converge in way that will have a direct and growing impact on their business.”

The report is available for download from the Intelliseek site here.

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  • Hang on a mo – that means that 30% of companies do have a policy on employee blogging. I’m amazed. That must be the quickest corporate catch-on of all time. I didn’t think blogging had become that noticeable yet…

  • The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation locked out 5500 employees on August 15, and the lockout continues at this moment.

    The reation of more than 20 of us, including myself, (at was to blog the lockout. The blogs range across the country from west to east and are not only by writers but by camera people, computer techs and others.

    So far the CBC management has not reacted to any of the blogs and are still talking to the public through news releases.

    On Tod Maffin’s blog,, you wll find the blog list updated daily on the right hand column.

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