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9 Simple Strategies to Improve Sales Today

9 Simple Strategies to Improve Sales Today

In today’s fast-paced world, things can change in the blink of an eye: new products are released every moment, new competitors emerge constantly, new marketing channels are becoming popular. Regardless of what industry you are in, what used to work well several years ago, is no longer effective today.

If your goal is to improve sales, then you can’t afford to waste your time experimenting and hope for the best. You need to develop sales strategies that actually work.

We’re offering 9 strategies that will help you attract the right customers and improve sales today.

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#1 Increase Your Marketing Efforts

One of the most effective ways to boost your sales is by increasing your marketing efforts. But make sure to plan and execute your marketing strategy carefully. 

Start by conducting market research to learn what type of messages would best resonate with your audience. Next, allocate your marketing budget properly Bear in mind that quantity doesn’t always imply quality, so choose your channels wisely. Incorporate a way to monitor your results and see if the selected marketing strategy is working.

#2 Turn to Text Messaging

Did you know that SMS has a higher success rate than email? Due to too much competition in the inbox, just over 20% of emails get opened, and most promotional emails get instantly deleted by users. In addition, studies have shown that over 55% of consumers would rather receive promotional SMS messages.

If you thought SMS marketing was dying out, think again! Even though messaging services like Facebook and WhatsApp are becoming popular for chatting with family and friends, more than six million SMS messages are sent in the States every day!

As SMS messages are direct and recipients don’t need to be online in order to read them, they allow you to reach consumers very quickly.

SMS marketing is probably one of the most powerful marketing channels at the moment but not many businesses are taking advantage of it. And that includes your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a great SMS API and start crushing your competition.

#3 Create Interest

Don’t forget to generate buzz whenever something noteworthy is happening within your company. Send a press release to the media, share the update on all your social media profiles and pages, connect with influencers, give a few freebies, host or take part in community events, etc. Anything that will create interest and attract customers. 

 #4 Pay Attention to Your Pricing Strategy

If you have a service or product that is price-sensitive, you must pay attention to your pricing strategies. Conduct research to find out how much your main competitors are charging, then lower or raise your price based on your goals.

For instance, raising the price can also raise the perceived value of your product in customers’ minds and boost your margins. Raising the price can also boost your revenues without increasing sales. Lowering the prices, on the other hand, can boost your revenues to compensate for lower margins.

#5 Take Advantage of Customer Testimonials

Marketing experts agree that satisfied customers sharing their positive experiences make one of the most effective types of content. Here’s why:

  • More than 90% of consumers read online testimonials or reviews when considering a purchase. 
  • Almost 90% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • More than 70% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews make them trust a business more. 

But customer testimonials aren’t beneficial only for conversion and earning cash. Here’s what else they can do for your business:

  • Build credibility and trust with your product/service.
  • Make it easier for people to relate to what you sell or do.
  • Allow leads to picture themselves benefiting from your solutions.

So, if you’re looking to convert leads into customers and improve sales, customer testimonials are the way to go. To further boost your sales, use video testimonials which are more genuine and trustworthy than their text-only counterparts.

#6 Find New Distribution Channels

Finding new channels to sell your products can have a significant impact on your revenues and sales without making any changes to your pricing. (However, some distribution channels may require appropriate marketing support). 

Conduct thorough research on the effects of using distributors, retailers, wholesalers, outside sales representatives, online selling, etc. Consider how each of these methods affects your sales, margins, and profits.

#7 Add a New Product or Service

Adding new products or services to your company’s offering is a great way to boost sales. Conduct research to find out what products your customers buy but you aren’t selling. Then, consider whether you can make these products and market them effectively. In addition, think about replacing some old products with new ones or updating them.

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#8 Promote Your Products and Services

Try to get as many people as you can to promote your products and services. Ask satisfied customers to leave a positive review and recommend you to people they know. Find brands that aren’t your competitors but share the same target audience and collaborate with them on cross promotions. For instance, if you’re an interior designer, you can partner up with a furniture store to offer home remodeling or write an ebook to promote each other. 

In addition, consider collaborating with influencers, charities, and nonprofits that can promote your company to their supporters.

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#9 Connect with Your Customers

Outstanding customer service is crucial for improving sales. Always listen to your customers in order to be able to determine what they need and want. Then, inform your customers about your products and how they can make their life easier. Let the customers know you care about them and that you appreciate them. Ask for feedback regularly and engage with them on social media. Ask for contact info from each customer and create an email list. 

The bottom line is, customers aren’t only looking for a great product, they’re looking for a great experience. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to improve your company’s sales productiveness, these strategies will help you to begin at full speed.

However, at the end of the day, no matter how many sales strategies you try, the best way to boost sales is through personal experience. Learn from interactions with your customers and develop an understanding of what inspires them to make buying decisions.

About the author 

Duran Inci is an Internet technology executive and e-commerce keynote and workshop speaker with 15+ years of experience in e-business, e-commerce systems, integrations, custom programming, SaaS and digital marketing including content marketing, paid search and client acquisition/lead generation.

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