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9rules launches 9rules Communities

9rules launches 9rules Communities

And we thought it was going to be something amazing :-) The announcement here, and Scrivs once again keeps the title of the king of hype :-) Its 9rules with categories basically….

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  • It seems 2006 is definitely going to be the year of people from competing blog networks posting subtle (not always all that subtle in fact) stabs at eachother eh?

  • Sorry, can’t stop giggling…â€?Taking stabs at one anotherâ€? makes me think of Duncan’s Australian heritage and Crocodile Dundee pulling out a l-o-n-g blade when a street thug waves a switchblade at him, and saying “…a knife? Now THIS is a knife.â€?

    OK, Obscure reference…I’ll go quietly now LOL

  • Now that someone else is all of a sudden all about “Community” we see that Scrivs and Mike and Colin have had this in the works since before Nov.

    Makes ya’ wonder eh?

    BTW – b5 is a wonderful network! I love you guys (but I don’t want your Bud light LOL)

    I hope all of us have a great ’06!


  • Sorry, it wasn’t meant as a stab so much as honest criticism: Hey, to be fair I followed and posted the hype as well, its just that I’m underwhelmed by 9rules categories, and it would be fair to say that with all the hype a lot of people expected a bit more…well a lot more than categories.

  • I’ve always disliked comment about blog networks by people who own blog networks same as I hate listening to people who own tv stations rubbish other tv stations. There is too much of a perceived agenda with something to gain on the issue that hurts the objectivity of the cristism. I much rather an independent comment. Though I don’t think it’s going to change basically because anyone who is writing about blog networks enough will gain enough knowledge to be able to run their own and make the plunge ala Cowboy with Erati Media.

    To be fair to 9rules, although the change doesn’t look like much at the moment I’ve read the Businesslogs post and it explains in much more detail about what the new technology behind the scenes is capable of and it looks like they will be able to have their own 9rules based mini search engine index as wella s much more highlighting of individual posts. Which are both nice additions.

    Also what hype was there created by Scrivs or any other 9rules member surrounding the re-launch? Yes they took the site down for one day and put up a post it note message. But did they send you emails or media releases actually hypeing the re-launch saying it was the best thing ever?

    I’m guessing that any hype that was created was via the anticipation by Blogebrity, Blog Herald and who all posted that something was happening and your own assumptions. Personally I live by the theory that assumptions are the mother of all f*** ups.

    Although initially last year I really got into watching the blog networks it really feels like an incestuous form of office politics with absurd amount navel gazing going on at the moment that’s getting quite boring to be around. The real waste is that there is a huge amount the average blogger could learn from all the blog network big cheeses but it get lost in petty little jabs.

  • “I’ve always disliked comment about blog networks by people who own blog networks same as I hate listening to people who own tv stations rubbish other tv stations”

    Anthony, I’ll take that as fair comment but to be fair I’ve been blogging about this stuff here at The Blog Herald way before I was an owner of a blog network. I’ve got a lot of time for Scrivs and what he’s doing, but I’m not going to censor my honest opinion just because I’m now involved in a blog network….most of my readers would expect nothing less than honest, and often in your face opinion for yours truly, even if I do have a habit of upsetting people from time to time :-)

  • Yeah I understand what you say that you’ve been doing it since before you were involved with b5 but once you were part of a blog network it genuinely changed the way I read you comments. Also with alot of your comment about other networks I don’t see it as in your face but just niggling little comments.

  • Say what you want, Duncan. If you didn’t believe in b5, there would be another set of criticisms dumped on you. Oh, wait. That’s already happened. :P

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