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9rules member site up for sale at SitePoint

9rules member site up for sale at SitePoint

9rules member Ryan Latham has Unmatched Style up from sale at Sitepoint here, a member site of 9rules. The current bid on the auction is $12,500.

Update: be careful when visiting this site, I went back to close the tab then got stuck on it for 15 minutes looking at all the amazing designs they feature…very sticky content.

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  • The price doesn’t suprise me when you consider Scrivs sold CSS Vault a year or so back for five figures. There’s a lot of value in these high quality link sites. Though it’s funny seeing people in sale threads posting silly questions while the real buyers see the value and swoop them up via PM.

  • Paul, it is sold under contract and I’ve recieved a deposit and am waiting final payment now. I’m currently working with the new owners on the transition and whether I’m be around after handover for a little while. Cant give you any figures or names though, it was a term of the sale.

    totally agree, check out their Alexa traffic figures as well, big numbers. The only thing that surprised me was that the revenue was fairly low on the site given the topic and traffic. I also spotted CSS vault on Unmatched Style as well….I think I could waste a whole day on both these sites just looking at the amazing templates and styles out there.

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