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9rules spin off Sex Blog Network semi-launches

9rules spin off Sex Blog Network semi-launches

(Editors note, this post got caught up in the server move…so its a little late.)

The newest network from Paul Scrivens, the CEO of 9rules, has launched into what is best described as registration release.

The new network: (currently safe for work, at the time of writing) is currently asking perspective members to add their email for notification of when submissions can be made to the network.

Sex blogger Sam Sugger has more details here.

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i don't know what to do purpose

JOAB posts that it smells like 9rules based on the site design. I’m not sure how they do things at 9rules design wise (and I’d note, it’s always been their biggest strength), but JOAB claims the site may have been designed by Mike Rundle. I personally can’t say for sure, but I will give credit where due, the registration page does look mighty fine :-)

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