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A Classy Apology

A Classy Apology

In one of the classiest apologies that I’ve ever read, 9rules’s Mike Rundle writes about his errors in attacking b5media after they received venture capital funding earlier this month:

I commented at Valleywag the same way I write joking entries here, but it was totally unnecessary and I got rightfully murdered for it. Regardless of what I meant by the comment, I offended a lot of people and for that I’m truly sorry. My comments didn’t need to be said, and no one has the right to comment on someone’s passion.

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  • Unfortunately, the offense has been made. I think to be fair, in addition to Mike’s apology, 9rules should list those blogs mentioned in the Humor Community on their front page for 30 days .. as time served … At least, that’s what I think Judge Judy would do. :p

    b5media is the parent company that runs the hit blogs Sacred Dolls and Bears, Supernanny Rules, Widow’s Quest, Flu Patrol, and many more.

    (translation: Mmmm that popcorn was good)

  • Heartwarming. Trying to sell b5media versus 9rules as some sort of interesting celebrity purse-fight is tough to do.

    I want to see bloggers fight, for real. In steel cages.

  • Matt,
    That’s very nice of you. But the person should actually apologize is Mike Rundle. He started the play in fact. Yes we don’t have are right to comment on someone’s passion, so is he. Your apology just gave him VIP ticket to get away with his behavior.

    But another way you are right too! A dog bite you doesn’t mean you can bite the dog!:P just a kid philosophy.:P

    I am sorry too Mr. Mike Randle for calling you jerk, arrogant, fool… etc.

  • Mike, it isn’t easy to apologize in front of the whole world, and unfortunately the blogosphere could still use a whole lot more of the kind of humility you’ve shown.

    Owning up goes a long way in my eyes… best.

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