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A digg by any other name would still smell as sweet

A digg by any other name would still smell as sweet

Why do Web 2.0 applications have goofy names? That’s the question that J. Angelo Racoma is asking over at Forever Geek:

Digg, Flickr, Reddit, Meebo, Odeo. What do they all have in common? Well, aside from their being part of all this “Web 2.0” hype (AJAXy-websites, community-driven/oriented content, etc.), they have weird names that seem nonsensical at first glance.

Then again, I have no room to talk considering that our business blog is named Biziki and our former gadget blog was named Gadzooki.

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  • And I used to write for Gadzooki, too! :P

    Or was it still back then?

    Anyway, I’d always wondered about the Gadzooki name.

  • We (Chris, David, and I) came up with the name for Gadzooki in a half-drunken IM discussion one evening. Or perhaps that was Biziki – one of the two anyways.


  • Hey Matt,
    Cool reply mod. I like that reply within reply. Goojob!

    Anyways, would be great if you used a bit less of the blockquote, bit annoying when seen in everypost. Intead of posting just the news, you should post your opinion as well.

    And yes, a good creative name is the base for the success of any web 2.0 product. It’s all there in the name.

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