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A look at Backfence

A look at Backfence

Stowe Boyd, over at /Message, takes a look at Backfence, the new home of Dan Gillmor.

Backfence’s intent is to bring blogging into local communities and provide those authors with the opportunity to report on local news and information. Presently, Backfence is reporting from five local communities, in Maryland, Virginia, and California.

Unlike Boyd’s home of Reston, Virginia, my current home and past homes are not listed. I did take a look, however, at Bethesda, Maryland, near my old home of Ellicott City, Maryland.

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I found several new posts from the last 2-3 days, most of which appear to be written by authors other than staff members, which is an encouraging sign for the hyperlocal blogging movement. I’m looking forward to their future growth – when is Minneapolis, Minnesota coming?

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