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A new nominee for loser of the year

A new nominee for loser of the year

Just when we thought we’d found a winner on January 9 along comes James A C Joyce with an anti MT tirade at Kuro5hin: “Why your Movable Type blog must die”. The posts highlights (or more accurately lowlights) include:
“[to MT users] You are all pretentious twats…You’re all latte-sipping, iMac-using, suburban-living tertiary-industry-working WASPs who offer absolutely no new insights on anything whatsoever apart from maybe one specialist field if we’re lucky”
“All of your blogs talk about the same crap…the vast majority of all Movable Type blogs are written by those living in the United States”
“You are f**king stupid…The idiocy of Movable Type bloggers is most evident when they become emotional about a topic. When this occurs, they tend to make all kinds of massive, grating rhetorical faux pas such as false analogies.”
it goes on and on.
Aside from the post being one of the most clichéd, pious pieces of amateurish rubbish we have ever read on the web, it does a gross disservice to Kuro5hin to be hosting it.
Tell us what you think about James Joyce.

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