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A Social Network For Cancer Patients?

A Social Network For Cancer Patients?

Although the medical institutions probably have ways for cancer patients to communicate with each other (via email, message boards, etc.) it is surprising that nothing like this has been developed before.

Called My Cancer Place, this social network’s purpose is to connect patients and their loved ones suffering from cancer and help them exchange information as well as encourage each other through their trials.

(Best Syndication) ‘€œMy Cancer Place is for patients and their families. It’€™s not a message board, but a way to form true relationships. People facing similar challenges can find each other across the miles and connect with each other as human beings,’€? said Michael Horwin the manager. ‘€œAlthough participation can lead to more informed treatment decisions through the sharing of information and resources, it’€™s the potential for emotional support that is the community’€™s greatest strength. People can use the community to help each other in different ways.’€?

Unlike other social networking sites that require good eyes and html geek skills, this site keeps simplicity in mind, (as most of their users are in their middle or senior years) although according to the article it does allow users to mess with some of the web coding to a degree.

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It will be interesting to see how this site grows and affects the medical field in the coming months, and it may be something a reader may want to recommend to any of their relatives suffering from cancer.

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