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Adnimation Brings Life to Ads

Adnimation Brings Life to Ads

There are a lot of things online that make our lives better, but in all likelihood, ads are not the first thing that come to mind. Then again, I think we have to admit that ads serve a purpose, and if used tactfully and tastefully, they can add to one’s experience and not resort to ad blockers as a default defense mechanism.
That’s where Adnimation comes into the picture. Adnimation is (obviously) an online advertising company. It seeks to provide both publishers and advertisers an innovative way of playing with ads, as the name imples, via animation.

But animation is such an “easy” thing to do these days, right? What makes Adnimation’s services any different from what we see everywhere else?

In a nutshell, Adnimation utilizes rich media ad units which integrates animated clips together with regular ads. This way, the attention of readers is caught, and “ad blindness” is addressed.

On the other hand, the way the ads are designed and displayed makes it more interesting for readers.

Take a look at how it all comes together.

For publishers

For online advertisers

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Sample ad

Bonus for publishers

Adnimation is giving away an iPad Air to publishers who join the network before March 31, 2014 – that gives you a couple of weeks to do so! For more information on the giveaway, check out the announcement in their blog.

What are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a different way to present ads, this might be the very thing for you.

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