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AdSense adds a 90-day time limit on AdSense referrals

AdSense adds a 90-day time limit on AdSense referrals

I’m not using this program, and probably just as well. Jensense reports that Google have quietly added a new term to all AdSense referrals generated by a publisher, a 90-day time limit on that referral, meaning a referred publisher must earn the $100 within the first 90 days, before the referring publisher is eligible to earn that $100 for a completed AdSense referral. Let’s face it, most people signing up to Adsense for the first time aren’t going to make this (and if they were they’d 99% most likely already be using Adsense).

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  • Gee, that sounds like a rip off. No offense to Google Ad Sense, but unless someone clicks on their own ads, how are they going to make $100 in less than a month?

    I guess I’ll just stick to referring Firefox then (as soon as the Ad Sense server comes back up).

  • I’m not recommending bloggers to click their own ads as that would not only be ripping businesses off (because that costs money) but also violating your contract.

    (Disclaimer posted just in case Google stops by and visits)

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