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After failed sale, Blog Explosion back on the Market

After failed sale, Blog Explosion back on the Market

Blog Explosion, previously profiled here on Blog Herald as one of the largest blog sales to date, is back on the market after a failed sale, according to a Sitepoint thread.

This is the second failed major blog sale in recent months – both brokered by Jeremy Wright of b5media. The sale of The Blog Herald also failed earlier this year before being sold to BlogMedia, Inc..

Jeremy posts details in the Sitepoint thread as to the reasons for the failure. Many details are available in the thread if you are interested in buying the site.

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  • There’s a reason I don’t want to broker anymore sales: you can do your best work, get the best people in, and still get a crap buyer who defaults.

    I prefer work where my best work earns money for everyone :)

  • Jeremy has actually done a good job here brokering the sale of BlogExplosion. Proof of this is that we are still using Jeremy to look for another buyer.

    I have dealt with many professionals over the years, especially “net professionals” in a variety of roles and responsibilities and Jeremy ranks up there. He knows his stuff and I really respect that because I rarely say that about people on business on the net.

    I don’t judge somebody on a track record of 2 recent failed sales. In our case with BlogExplosion, Jeremy handled the process well and created a great PDF for us.

    To blame Jeremy because the winning bidder couldn’t secure finances is mis-placed. We got a small deposit to start things off and we negotiated terms. Jeremy did all that was expected of him — No complaints.

    So. Certainly not the best outcome but we simply put the site back up for sale. BlogExplosion is a good site with a strong community, so we think we may still find a buyer out there yet :-)

    Jeremy is still good in our books and for the record has done everything expected of him in a timely and professional manner. He might be done with brokering sales for a while, but I would select him again if I had the chance.

    Unfortunate that the previous buyer didn’t come through, but BlogExplosion is in good shape and we are talking to other potential buyers now.

    BTW – BlogHerald — Enjoyed reading some of your posts. Keep up the good work.


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