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Akismet publishes Blog Spam stats

Akismet publishes Blog Spam stats

Akismet, the anti-blogspam solution from the makers of WordPress, have released stats from their service over at the Akismet site. The numbers are startling.


Total spam: 36,671,004

Total ham: 4,056,264

Today (UTC, 13 hours left)

Spam today: 605,652

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Ham today: 26,793

Anyone know the address of any blog spammers out there? I’d like to pay them a visit…

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  • How accurate are those stats though? My Akismet plugin tells me I have something like 30 spam comments waiting and when I look in the queue there’s only 6.

  • Those kind of numbers wouldn’t suprise me in the least, over the weekend it was nothing for my minor (in the scheme of things) to have akismet stopping over 100 comment spams an hour.

    Stephen – Akismet removes the duplicate spam comments so while you might have received 30 spam comments if there were only 6 different versions then you will only see 6 in the managent area.

  • I avg. over 100 spam comments a day. It is really out of control. And it only seems to get worse.

    That being said, Akismet has only allowed one spam email through in the past 4.5 months of my blog. It has stopped about 1 legitimate comment a week.

    Good all the way around.

  • I am getting around 600 spam comments DAILY across the network. Using akismet in both its wordpress and movable type forms. It does help alot.. but that growth rate of spam on the Akismet stats page is simply incredible.


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