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Alaskan parents call for blog ban

Alaskan parents call for blog ban

Parents in Juneau, Alaska, have called on the local school district to ban students from using school computers to access their blogs because they claim that their kiddies are “glamorizing the use of drugs and alcohol, promoting parties and posting personal information.”

From AP:

‘€œOur biggest mission, I think, is to just genuinely heighten the awareness ‘€” let parents know that this is going on,’€? said parent Kathi Collum with Parents Unite, a newly formed Juneau parent-advocacy group.

‘€œMiller Light has waaaaay more taste then Bud Light,’€? one 16-year-old from Juneau wrote on a blog, under a photo posted of him presumably drinking a beer. A 16-year-old Juneau girl wrote: ‘€œI wanna boy so drunk he doesn’€™t talk Monday.’€?

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‘€œOur point is not to impede free speech or their ability to express themselves. We just don’€™t want the school district to allow it to go on there (at school), and we want these kids to be safe,’€? parent Amy Deininger told the Juneau Empire.

No word yet as to whether they are going to stop the kiddies speaking to each other as well :-)

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  • Guess thats after they stop letting them watch tv and listen to music.

    Of course the parents could start actually behaving as responsible parent and taking an interest in what their kids are doing rather than knee jerk reactions …

  • I don’t see a problem with banning blogs at school. They do ban drugs, booze and smokes at school, and blogs are clearly just as addictive. I was on methadone for 4 years just to quit blogging once. Yet here I am.

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