Alfa Romeo sponsors Italian autoblog

Growing Italian blog network has managed another coup , with news today that has landed Alfa Romeo has its chief sponsor, the first signing of its type between an automotive company and a blogging network in Europe. The deal follows on from their deal with Ducati back in July for their motorcycle blog

From Luca Lizzeri in an email to the Blog Herald: “We are very proud of the fact that Alfa Romeo has chosen to underline once more its commitment to relaunching the brand, experimenting advertising through new forms (for Italy) of Internet publishing. The constant flow of automotive news, curiosities mixed with new model launches and anticipations of future cars bring a passionate and competent readership. The readers also contribute with their comments, enriching the blog, and their dialogue between themselves and with the authors gives the blog a more spontaneous tone. The readers are also fierce critics. We expect they’ll be keeping the authors’ impartiality under strict surveillance.”

squadra di blogo di congratulazioni.

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