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An Online Version of Fight Club?

An Online Version of Fight Club?

Some of you may have remembered the hit movie Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter.

Despite its unique perspective on the world of fighting, this movie kicked off a cult phenomenom as some teenagers in certain towns (at least where I grew up) decided to test their strength against each other to the dismay of many parents.

Now it seems that Joey Gilbert, a cast member from the first season of “The Contender,” wants to take that same passion for fighting and use it to help connect amateur and professional boxers with their fan base via a social network called Fight Club Online.

(Business Wire) ‘€œI want to do everything I can to showcase top amateur and professional boxers, and help them establish a more direct level of contact with their fans,’€? stated Gilbert from his St. Petersburg, Fla., training camp, where he is preparing for his October 11 WBO-NABO middleweight title defense. ‘€œBoxing is a great sport and more people need to learn firsthand what it has done for thousands of athletes throughout the world,’€? he added.

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Not too many people seemed to have registered for the site, although that may change with more public exposure. The layout has a haunting familiarity to MySpace, which was a major dissappointment, although you will not find the site overloaded with ads.

One interesting note about the site is that fans can “fight it out” over who has the best photo (similar to Hot or Not), but Joey may want to consider having fans meet up and spar each other for real (although the lawyers may frown on this suggestion).

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