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Announcing the judges for the Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

Announcing the judges for the Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards

Joining the Blog Herald’s editor, Western Australian Duncan Riley for the 2005 Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards, are Trudy W. Schuett from Yuma AZ, a prolific writer of blogs and author of The Desert Light Journal and John Mudd of Largo, FL, well respected on the internet as the “Blogging Realtor” and author of the Inside Real Estate Journal

In this fast paced world it is easy to forget the Spirit of Christmas, and its importance as a time to celebrate, spend time with family and remember the important things in life.

This award plays its part in reminding bloggers that Christmas is not a foreign concept to the Blogosphere but can be embraced by all

John Mudd has expressed partiular pleasure at taking part
‘€œThe last thing I judged was a Miss Hawaiian Tropic prelimnary bikini contest, and while I would never complain about being surrounded by beautiful women, I expect judging the Blog Herald’s Christmas Blogging
awards to be much more enthralling”

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We will also be increasing the prize money with all categories now receiving a minimum of $10 for the winning entry.

We may not have the richest of prizes nor the flashest of sites, but we do have the wonder of the Spirit of Christmas on our side!

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  • How NICE! I seem to remember those awards with great fondness. YOU made my Christmas a very special one last year! As always Your Blog IS a daily Treat. {:-}

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