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Another anti-spam dummy spit

Another anti-spam dummy spit

We’ve all had those moments when the comment spam gets so much we post a rant against the comment spammers telling them how you are better than them and how you’ll beat them…or course in reality they’ll most likely never read it, but its therapeutical. This one from Six Eyes:

Hello SPAM Commenters

Yes, you know who you are. The nice folks out there who leave their spam comments all over blogs like a rabbit drops it’s pellets. This is just to let you know that ‘Comment Moderation’ was enabled on this blog a week or two ago. That means that each and every comment is seen by me before it is published on *sixeyes, or rejected, as is the case with any spam comments I find. *All the welcome comments will also be seen by me first, so they may not appear for some time, but if they are not spam they likely will show up in due course.

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Thanks to all who leave non-spam comments and F.U. to all spammers. Sorry, for the foul acronym, but I am pissed… emotionally and physically. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  • LOL!

    I left this notice on my blog back in August:
    Ack! Hisses and makes sign of the cross with her forearms…

    no that’s Wonder Woman…

    anyway…ack – comment spammers! Hiss! Hiss!

    Don’t waste your time HERE boys, I’m erasing you as soon as I spot you.

    Do you fools really think this is going to help your business?

    IT WON’T.

    (Secretly suspects they must be making up for some sort of deficiency…… )

    If you leave comment spam here, I am going to assume you are small-minded and small-… why don’t you little weenies go get in touch with the enlargement e-mail spammers?)

    Sigh……I am turning on the word verification to try to cut this out, but if you slip through the net, don’t get comfortable, ’cause I’m kickin’ you to the curb soon as I see ya.

    I’ve had no comment spam since.

  • My blog is extremely new, so I have experienced no comments (spam or otherwise). However, I shall begin crafting a “zinger” for that inevitable (or evitable, if my blog goes nowhere) day when I am faced with this particular problem.

    I hope this comment is not viewed as “spam.”

  • Current working draft:

    I am told that “comment spam” is a source of aggravation and consternation among high-traffic bloggers.

    As this is not a high-traffic blog, I have not as yet encountered this problem.

    However, in the almost-certain event that this blog becomes a raging success beyond my wildest dreams, I am preemptively posting the following ground rules for would-be spammers seeking to reap untold fortunes from the immense traffic sure to descend upon my blog any day now.

    To wit:

    All postings which promise to increase the size of one’s member must be approved by the webmaster prior to posting after he has had the opportunity to validate the claims made. Results must be verifiable and impressive.

    Postings promising the effortless accumulation of massive wealth must meet the same criteria. These posts will be necessarily slower due to the logistical considerations inherent in relocating to Key Biscayne, Florida, and selecting a suitable yacht. Please be understanding of any delays.

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