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Another bad taste media release on helping Katrina victims

Another bad taste media release on helping Katrina victims

After this story Thursday you’d think people would know better, but apparently they don’t and in this case they even name drop people to legitimize their PR efforts. Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Reynolds, if you’re reading this, I’d be considering having words with these people. As always, I leave it to the great readers of the Blog Herald to share their thoughts on this one.

Deborah and John-Paul Micek of the RPM Success Group Inc., Hawaii…come on down!

PRWeb: Bloggers Speed To Help Katrina Victims

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  • Hey Duncan,

    As I started to read this, I thought “What about this bothers Duncan so much?”

    Then I saw the thinly-veiled promotion for their $397 multi-media course (which, surprisingly, has almost the exact same name as Rok Hrastnik’s). And how did I know it goes for $397 ?

    Well gosh darn… they have their course’s promotional page INCLUDED in the press release! Maybe its just me (maybe not hmmm) but I guess I would have expected, since the release says “don’t.. stop… continuing to give” it would have been more appropriate to include a page for – duh – donations?

    Have a wonderful day,

  • Ain’t the blogosphere a wonderful place? Man, we’ve got everything here, saints and sinners, dedicated servants of truth and get rich quick merchants, porno wolves and innocent sheep. Reminds me of (it was a long time ago so I could be wrong) real life! ;)

  • Mark
    I suppose the easiest way to sum it up is this: encourage readers to donate, by all means host a fundraising drive, but never, ever put out a media release bragging about how you donated. Giving to Hurricane victims shouldn’t be about promoting yourself in media releases, giving should be personal, when you start putting out press releases about how you’ve given your basically exploiting the situation. Ive had a lot to say on Katrina, but you’ll never see me say anything on what I’ve given.

  • Hey Duncan,

    Agreed, completely. A wise friend told me once that if I did something good for someone and went around talking about it, it no longer counted. The motive was self-centered – a bad motive hidden under a “good” motive.



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