AOL Weblogs Inc., advertising for bloggers

Do you want to write for AOL? Weblogs Inc., is looking for bloggers in the following categories:

* Mortgages
* Spam
* Web development
* Engadget French, Engadget German
* Autoblog French, Autoblog German
New game console-specific blogs:
* Sony Playstation Portable blog
* Xbox 360 blog

More details here.

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  • I do not appreciate everytime we sign or try to log off. an add shows up and says basicly that we must respond to it or click on the “No Thanks” box. It has been getting more and more often and we have not been able to get rid of these tiresome ads. When we signed on to aol for privacy guard, firewall, and spam blocker we did not know that the most of what we want to get was to show up on aol!
    Please get rid of this junk.
    Thanks so much and hope we can continue to do business with AOL because you are our choice.
    Hugh and Jennifer Hawkins

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