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Arizona Soldier in Iraq demoted for Blogging

Arizona Soldier in Iraq demoted for Blogging

An Arizona Army National Guardsman who has been blogging from Iraq has been demoted and some of his pay is being forfeited, according to NPR. Leonard Clark, from Glendale, kept a blog in which he was critical of U-S operations in Iraq.

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  • It’s not just for blogging though. According to the Arizona Republic newspaper…

    An Arizona Army National Guardsman whose Web log comments have criticized the Iraq war and who has filed papers to run for the U.S. Senate seat held by Jon Kyl, is the subject of a military investigation in Iraq, the Army said Tuesday.

    Campaigning for public office without permission from the secretary of defense while on active duty in the Armed Forces is a violation of Defense Department regulations.

  • Absolutely right. I serve on active-duty and have been blogging for five years — and would never even think of posting anything critical of military policy, operations, or conduct. Same goes for foreign policy. This soldier was just asking for trouble, unfortunately, and now has paid the price.

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