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Australia Making YouTube Illegal?

Australia Making YouTube Illegal?

Australia might be heading that way next year, as they’re debating legislation that makes possessing a device with the intent to infringe on copyright an indictable offence.  Although the law is intended to catch large scale pirates, it sounds like the law could also be used to “make everyday Australians in homes and businesses across the country into criminals on a scale that we have not witnessed before.”  Certainly a story to follow in the upcoming year, although I doubt it will impede the sales of iPods this holiday season.

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  • I don’t see much in this – this is pretty early on in debating the issue in Parliament and advocacy groups like the one quoted in the MSNBC article will force the Government to water it down to stay away from the individual user and go after the intended major pirates as what is the real intention.

    I don’t see 14 year old girls being charged by the Federal Government en-masse anytime soon … especially as election time is looming. ;-)

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