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Australia’s self proclaimed Copywriting Ledgend

Australia’s self proclaimed Copywriting Ledgend

Not sure what category to file this under, because I’m still lurching between laughing my head off and throwing up. Read this, then check out the blog. Quality work….. :-)

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  • Duncan….have you Aussies ever even heard of this guy before? I know I haven’t, but we Americans are notoriously out of touch with the “ledgends” of other countries. :) Rather humourous either way…lol…

  • Hmmm … never recall hearing of this “legend” but I guess with copywriting such as this: a demented popcorn machine on steroids, I think I know why :-)

    At least at his blog, he’s offering up independent reviews without plastering each post with numerous affiliate links and if he does, it’s good that he’s in the open about it … ;-)

    Merry Christmas all!

  • Martin, that is “ledgend”… ha :) And isn’t that whole right column nothing but affiliate links? Anyway, no real difference that what the rest of us do, but I can’t imagine the type of success that I would have to have to send out a press release calling myself a legend (or ledgend..hahaha). I just don’t see it happening. :) Still chuckling about this one….

  • Bloor is a braggart and blowhard. He tends to spam discussion boards with his inane posts just to get his links in and claims that he’s this million dollar winning marketer. Unfortunately outside of his little world he’s not well know and when you bring it up to him he gets irate and belittles you.

    Oh, and here’s the funny part. His partner is a clown. No really, she’s a clown!

  • It seems that a few of us might have got under his skin and he felt the need to tell everyone who good he thinks he is.

    Peddling second rate software seems to be about the pinnacle of his career if his pseudo blog is anything to go by.

    Snake oil salesmen are alive and well on the Internet.

  • Jeepers, what a negative bunch of kick-heads you guys are! I can’t believe it? Haven’t you got anything better to do, than belt the crap out of someone you don’t even know?

    I know the guy… runs a big list, membership site, genuine successful business advisory consultancy, copywriter, and more recently adsense sites. Has helped a lot of people in internet marketing and has recently pulled out from the circuit due to his distaste for the “pitch-fest” Actually has a great heart for giving back into the community, runs some arphanage programs OS etc.,,,

    I guess everyone has their own styles, some more full on than others, but aren’t we all trying to create and attract a thing called success? And isn’t one of the biggest success killers critcism ? For your own sakes have a look at the above in terms of where the energy is at, where your words are at, and what has been achieved?!! You CANNOT succeed with that critical / poverty spirit dictating your mind and words, and pulling down any “tall poppies”…

    The words of Eleanor Roosevelt are pertinent:

    “Do what you feel in your heart to be right. You’ll be criticized anyway.”

    And a couple of other great quotes to contemplate:

    “A sneer is the weapon of the weak.”
    James Russell Lowell

    And this piece de resistence:
    “Brilliant people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.” Author Unknown

    “…small people….”

    How apt.

    So I’ll come back in a day or too and see the flurry of venom that will no doubt be levelled at me now :-) And guess what? ’twill be like water off a ducks back …

    Hope y’all find your focus soon :-)

  • I’m no “legend” and I’m not “famous” but I am well respected within my own community and I know Chris Bloor personally.

    He runs several very successful membership sites and has an adsense publishing business that most people would envy.

    Now is he a bit bragadocious, perhaps. But what successful person isn’t. Heck, I am at times.

    But to come onto a public forum a bash the man, a person you know nothing about, calling him a “snakeoil salesperson” and even making fun of his partner who is a professional clown (and an extremely successful real estate investor – something you wouldn’t know unless you knew them personally) is really unprofessional.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    David Frey
    President, Marketing Best Practices Inc.
    4815 FM 2351 Suite 201
    Friendswood, TX 77546

  • Hey Duncan,

    I count you among the most important reads of my day and among those I respect in this “part of the world.”

    I also have followed Chris in marketing forums for quite a while and have never seen the kind of behavior others have mentioned here. He seems always more than helpful.

    Anyways… Chris has just posted something at the Blake forum I think you might consider taking a look at. I suggest it because I found also your “acid” comment distasteful.



  • Yikes! I feel like I am putting my head in the lions mouth here. Look to be quite honest, I don’t care wht you guys think of my blog. You are all entitled to your opinion. That is part of living in a free democratic world.

    The Internet has been good to me. Very good. I just launced a new project that brought more ‘money in the bank’ in a week than I used to earn in a year.

    Heck – I don’t even know you so what should I care what you think?

    What I do object to is people implying I take acid (any third-party reports of that and it won’t be me you’ll hear from but my lawyers) and denegrating one of my my business partners who although she is a Clown, runs a very successful agency and could probably buy and sell most of you guys three times over.

    It reminds me of a time when Conny and I were at an investing-focus dinner. A very smart looking couple looked down their noses at her when she told them she ran a Clown business.

    The smile was wiped off their faces when the organizer of the meeting walked off the stage, came to our table and said to Conny; “I believe that you have just bought house # 7?”

    As for me, I’m thankful that I’m using my Internet business to change lives for the better and that I have far more important adgendas than to attack people I don’t know from a bar of soap…

    Chris Bloor

  • Talk about a bunck of lawn mowers looking for a tall poppy.

    I have also known Chris Bloor for six years and he is a man of honesty and character.

    As for those stupid comments of his clown partner. Buddy, this lady diddn’t have a pot to piddle in 4 years ago and now in association with Chris and a bucket load of very hard work this ‘lady” is wealthy from purchasing several houses in her own right.

    Have a look in the mirror and see if you have purchased 5 stand alone houses in less than 4 years.

    May i suggest that those with negative comments take a long hard look at yourselves before ‘dumping’ on others you don’t know.

    Any referance to ‘acid’ should be pointed at your own acid tongus!

    I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a safe holiday break where ever you are. This break may provide you with a time to ponder your contribution to this great forum. Free speach is to be encouraged but spitefullness does no one any good.

    Again I wish you all success and lots of it.

    Jeff Miles
    The Business Doctor
    [email protected]

  • Mark
    Seriously, if the media release wasn’t so full of self-serving hype and crap I would never have given it a second thought, and then a blog where he couldn’t even put together a customised template.

    Look, I don’t know the guy and he might be very decent, but seriously: “Australia’s Copywriting Legend” WTF????

    And if he is so wonderful in internet promotion I’ll ask these to questions:
    1. He’s not in the top 10 of google for his own name
    2. He has 0 design skills given his blog design

    The facts don’t match the hype. Chris, happy to provide this advice but if you are such a legend you’d also know that media releases such as yours are a diservice to yourself…and yes, my background is marketing and PR so its something I can atleast speak with some authority on.

  • Duncan,

    Without changing anything about the way I feel about you – first things first – I can put the “hype” aside, for myself, because it means little to me. I know that was the point of your post.

    It’s the acid comment.

    Now, I’m not into all this “lawyer” talk and such, once again I could care less, but I felt that comment was off-base. For people like myself in this regard, having known too many that aren’t here anymore because of that “beast” and beasts like it, I just feel like it’s a comment best left unsaid.

    I just had another thought – if you had said the same thing about a “certain” pres. it might not have bothered me lol.

    Oh well, this too shall pass – please…


  • Duncan,

    I won’t waste any more of my own time posting here but I have to point out that Chris actually has many # 1 and 2 organic positions for useful keyword phrases like in relation to copwriting and other related topics.

    So I guess optimizing for his own name is not such a priority.

    To me you are just digging yourself further in a hole!

    And I understand you are an Australian as well as Chris and myself.

    Amazing… truly amazing.

    I agree with David Frey:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves.


  • A couple of years back, Conny and I co-authored a book with (amongst others) John Reese. (First Contact Secrets)

    John has seen over one Billion visitors to his websites. Something I’m sure the whole lot of us combined have not been able to achieve.

    He is quite well known in the Marketing community for selling over one million dollars of his Traffic Secrets course in just 24 hours.

    I remember an acedemic type ‘with a background in marketing’ (I’ve always wondered what that means?) saying at the launch; “Oh that will never sell – the guy doesn’t even have a header graphic on his website! very poor design skills”

    Mr Riley you have really shown a blatant lack of knowledge about marketing.

    If I had a dollar for every client I have seen who had paid a small fortune to get a very ‘creative-looking’ site that was ‘as effective as screen doors on a submarine’ well lets say I’d have a lot of spending money.

    One of my own marketing mentors is Australian mailorder millionaire, Mal Emery.

    Mal has a saying that guys like you will probably never grasp:

    “It isn’t the Thing – it is the Marketing of the Thing that Makes all the Difference”

    I wonder if you have ever done one million dollars sales in a year – let alone in a day? In 2 years perhaps? 3?

  • I’m with Duncan on this one!

    I think it is a case of, If you can’t stand the blogging heat get out of the blogging kitchen.

    Personally I have nothing against Chris Bloor but his writing and website do not inspire confidence. I would expect at least a decent level of grammar and a professional looking site to want to invest my money with him!

    Also and more importantly I notice one or two links on his website point to article harvesting software! (Article Miner, RSS to Blog) Not exactly someone who has grasped what blogging is about. This guy is bound to be disliked by bloggers if he supports the stealing of their content in such a way.

  • Bill you obviously know nothing whatsoever about Article Miner or RSS2Blog.

    What astounds me about so many people is they blast things they have zero knowledge of.

    Like anti-semetics who have never met a Jew in their life.

    Shock! Horror! Yes Bill people write articles and have ‘Resourse Boxes’ at the end of them! Why? so that people publish them!

    FYI I own a successful article directory and wish there were ten thousand article miner products – It is a great way for the newbie to get exposure.

    But then judging by your post, I’d guess that you are another ‘armchair critic’

  • Yes Bill – Just ask and Chis will tell you over and over again how rich, how famous and how unimportant he really is.

    He continues to do it to me with emails that now go straight into the trash and comments to my blog that now don’t even arrive because I banned the sucker’s IP addrss.

    He’s everything every critic here has said and more

    What I don’t understand is that if he is as rich and famous as he claims to be why he wastes time on what is nothing more than a small-time marketing blog.

    Oh well we are entering the silly season and Chris fits right in there.

  • Hi Stuart , is your last name ‘Little’?

    You don’t know me. You have never spoken to even a single paying client of mine and yet you are the one full of bitterness and poison.

    You accuse me of being a ‘snakeoil’ salesman and yest refuse to accept my offer of sending you dozens and dozens and dozens of independent references from satisfied clients, people whom I have been blessed to be able to help make combined millions of dollars, you don’t return telephone calls and if I email, refuse to enter into any kind of dialogue.

    You know nothing of the fact that my business has raised Tens of Thousands of Dollars to help feed needy people – mostly children ? Phone Foodbank of WA and ask to speak to Doug Palling, the Director who will tell you in glowing terms what he thinks of my business committment to the community.

    (Unless you think organizations like Foodbank are run by ‘Snakeoil salespeople too)

    In fact, I know that you won’t bother so, here is what he had to say:


    Foodbank of WA are Past winners of The Premiers Award for Excellence & Innovation in Industry…

    The Community Service Excellence Award…

    & Dept Environment Waste Reduction and Recycling Award.

    ‘FOODBANK of WA’ wholeheartedly supports Chris Bloor & The Quality Business Institute in its efforts to promote Quality, Integrity and Service in business

    As well as for their strong emphasis on helping others in need especially children, through the QBI Community Assistance Programme.

    We are proud to be associated with Chris Bloor & the Quality Business Institute”
    Doug Paling:


    Stuart I wonder, why are YOU so bitter and full of spite?

    Does it make you feel ‘more of a man’ to attack someone that you know absolutely nothing about.

    Please – do this – if you want to attack me in your blog – at least have the guts and the backbone to name me and the willingness to face the legal consequences that follow.

    Your actions so far are those of a moral pygmy

    “Brilliant people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.�

    And the saddest thing of all is not your attacks against me, it is the fact that you promote yourself as a ‘professional’ business consultant…

  • Hi

    All I can say – most of you have said it all – both negative and positive.

    Leave the hurtful words behind…respect others, don’t belittle others whom you do not know….

    Be kind, generous – remember ‘you reap what you sow’.

    None of you have probably heard of me – I am one of the so-called ‘newbies’ that are sometimes looked upon with scorn by the online ‘successes’ (but not all!).

    Chris B. is one of the most generous-spirited people – I have spoken with him only once, but have interacted via postings – and hope to speak with him soon…(although I keep missing my mobile phone before it cuts off to message!!).

    To You All – be proud of your own achievements – and regarding others – be ‘curious’ about their accomplishments – find out more – don’t just ‘jump’ on them because of a press release….a short story which cannot possibly convey all that there is to know about Chris and his contributions. Find out more…learn,…….

    When I hear words of such disrespect spoken of people, by people who don’t even know Chris, I feel great pain at such injustice. Are you angry at something – and perhaps want to take it out on someone?

    I don’t mean to be critical of any of you – just perhaps, think twice – and be curious, rather than critical. Find out more first, before anything is said.
    I would rather deal with someone who has something positive to say, than those who belittle others – maybe this will hurt me in my journey, but I have strong values …please don’t hurt others, especially at this time of year, of Christmas.

    Respectfully Yours,
    (an ‘unknown’, but hopefully all will ‘shake hands’? and open their hearts, in what can be a ‘cut-throat’ world of business??).

    Best of Luck to you all! :)

  • Poor old Chris and his clowny friend are in a snit over this. Pretty soon he’s gonna blow his stack and those 95 clowns in that tiny little clown car are gonna end up dead falling off a cliff and it’s all going to be your fault Duncan!

    What’s funny is something Chris posted here. He said that he and clowny, I mean Conny, co-authored a book with John Reese called First Contact Secrets. Only problem is that he didn’t write the book at all. He was one among 43 contributors in the book put together by a guy named Chip Tarver. His was just a chapter in the book. That isn’t co-authoring. Why he brings up John Reese in that posting I don’t know because it’s irrelevant. What he tells you about him makes no sense. Maybe it’s to impress you that he knows the name of another marketer on the Internet.

    Chris must be rich. That’s why he spends so much time on discussion boards posting stupid messages just so he can get his links in. With the millions he has stashed away and his huge staff of circus roustabouts he can while away the hours coming up with cute little messages to post and then sneak his link in.

  • Well Chris, It’s the time of year for giving and I am feeling mellow, so whether you are feeling like Chris Bloor the Walking Ideas Machine, Chris Bloor the Crocodile Hunter of Ezines or even Chris Bloor the Evangelist next time you get in an elevator here’s a few things to consider:

    If you are going to blog, read blogs and get to know what is important to bloggers.

    Drop the me, me, me, I, I, I, it gets a little wearing. No I don’t care how much money you have made – all that matters is that you have enough. There are more important things in life.

    Learn about web design. Presentation is important! Nobody trusts a shoddy website.

    Don’t teach bears to suck eggs. They may bite and possibly know a thing or two as well.

    Be thankful for all this free publicity you are getting. It is priceless!

    And most importantly only respond to criticism positively and never, ever, ever, try to bring religion into an argument.

  • It’s nice to see you have humor Chris.

    God bless and seasons greeting and may 2006 be the best ever.

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