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BBC Launches Blog Network & Blog Portal

BBC Launches Blog Network & Blog Portal

The BBC has combined their blogs into a blog network and launched a new portal to aggregator them.

Ben Metcalfe of the BBC comments on the launch on his blog:

If I’€™ve had any involvement in this project, it’€™s to ensure that the blogs became a cohesive ‘€˜Network’€™. I like to describe it as:

‘€œa structured content horizontal that spans our diverse content verticals’€?
(see, I can speak executive too!).

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The ‘€˜glue’€™ that creates this cohesion is the Blog Portal itself ‘€“ an immediate + up-to-date snapshot of the conversations happening within the fabric of our divisions verticals.

A quick glance at the BBC News Portal site shows a basic news aggregation site across their various blogs. It actually reminds me of an older version of 9rules’s site.

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