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BellStream Releases Blogia for Mobile Blogging

BellStream Releases Blogia for Mobile Blogging

Press release> BellStream Ltd. announced release of the Blogia product at the DEMOmobile event held at La Jolla, California and the IBC 2004 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. BellStream was selected out of hundreds of companies to launch the newest technology at DEMOmobile 2004. This event has a stellar reputation for identifying the best of what’s next in a wireless world.

BellStream’s product brings mobile blogging on camera phones and new revenue streams for service providers and mobile operators through distribution of individual mass media. “We believe one button freedom of the press on the go with intuitive and easy to use interface takes mobile blogging to mass market”, says Samuli Koski-Lammi, the company CEO. “The availability and affordability of the new handsets lets mobile users publish text, take photos and record sounds. The ability to capture and share the moment as it happens creates a fun and a very rewarding end user experience”.

For service providers and mobile operators Blogia offers revenue stream enablers and added brand value. Blogia is built to support a branded mobile offering. Blogia mEdition enables subscriptions and invitations to the content your customers and internet blogs have to offer. Through remote configuration, licensing and branding, flexible business model support, customer retention, viral growth and ARPU boost for existing messaging investments, BellStream Blogia enables provisioning of social media.

“Social media – blogging, syndication, and other social software is fundamentally changing the immediacy of information, and it should be no surprise that bloggers need these tools to be mobile. Yet so-called mo-blog tools have been limited to posting photos or short text messages. BellStream changes all that, putting the first robust blogging tools on a mobile phone. Supporting the major blogging platforms, BellStream’s mo-blogging interface is an outstanding contribution to this rapidly emerging marketplace” – Chris Shipley, Executive Producer, DEMO Conferences.

About BellStream

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BellStream HQ is located in Helsinki, Finland and a well established technology competence center in Poland. The partners and customers have traditionally been service providers, operators, mobile device manufacturers and the large scale enterprise. BellStream was founded in 1999, reached break even at Q4/2001 and has been profitable ever since. The company is privately owned and backed by two Finnish private investors.

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  • That’s not what the guys at engadget said here:

    DEMOmobile doesn’t deliver:

    The exclusive DEMOmobile tech conference, where 40 startups get to show off their wares to investors and industry suits, is supposed to be the place to catch a glimpse of the real cutting edge wireless stuff we’ll all be sweating over 12 months from now, but are we the only ones yawning at what’s on display this year? A “system for sending contact information from Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail to cell phones”? A way to send photos from a cameraphone with a single click? A company that promises to research price info if you email them a picture of an ad you saw in a newspaper or magazine? Yet another company trying to sell digital downloads of sports and news to people with MP3 players? C’mon, at least one of the other 36 companies exhibiting has to have something worth writing home about.

    At $15k per demo, are you sure you weren’t ripped off?

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