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Best Tools and Apps for Travel Bloggers

Best Tools and Apps for Travel Bloggers

Editor’s note: This post was written by Will Norquay, who is part of the team at Stayz. He likes to discover new places and eateries around the world and share his experiences and stories with other travellers.

Being a travel blogger isn’t easy – it’s not like you’ve got a comfortable office and an organized file to keep all the records from your trips. Fortunately, mobile devices can be just as practical in your daily travels. They’ll help you store the details of your trip, edit your photos or videos and easily share your content to your community. Here’s a selection of top apps for travel bloggers.

Trip Journal

best tools for travel bloggers

Receiver of the prestigious Google Award, Trip Journal will make the life of every travel blogger much easier. You can track your trip, record your destinations, jot down additional notes and add relevant geo-tagged photos and videos. The app is integrated with Google Earth, allowing your followers to see your traveling route. All you need to do is export your content and easily share your traveling experience. The app works on iOS and Android operating systems.

Day One

best apps for travel bloggers

Another recognized app is Day One, which is perfect for keeping a regular journal of your trip. It features several kinds of logs (daily, event, activity) and provides geo-tagging and weather. All your posts can be tagged for future reference – as well as all visuals you add to your posts. You’ll keep your journal safe with a passcode lock and will easily export all your memories as a PDF file.

The app currently works on iOS and costs quite a lot – you’ll pay $10 for a Mac version and $5 for a universal iOS one. If you use Apple devices, Day One is a great choice – it synchronizes between various platforms through iCloud or Dropbox.


best apps for travel bloggers

TripMayor is like an Instagram for travellers. It’s basically a photo journal with some additional smart functionalities. You can ask locals about sights worth visiting, see interesting places nearby and bookmark them for offline use, discover hidden gems that aren’t mentioned in guidebooks and add cute stamps to all your photos. Works for both Android and iOS.


best apps for travel bloggers

This app is perfect for easy documentation of your every move. You can add content in categories ranging from food and hotels to transportation and activities, keeping a clear track of your trip. The app offers smart navigation and informs you about traffic and current gas prices. A must for every well-organized trip. The app works on iOS, Android and Windows Phone systems.


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best apps for travel bloggers

Trevi is perfect for all those struggling to accurately organize their trip photos. It adds a geo-location tag to every photo and then organizes them according to place, displaying all your visuals on a map and showing you how many mile’s you’ve travelled so far. If you often catch yourself struggling to remember where you took your photos, this is the app to go for. Works only for iOS.


best apps for travel bloggers

By registering in this app you’ll create a travel blog and then will be able to update it not only from mobile devices, but also the app’s blogging website. It’s a smart solution for anyone looking for a blogging platform that is both accessible and functional. You can work online and offline, between various devices – TravelPod will synchronize your entries.

All your posts will be displayed in a calendar mode – you can add photos and then easily share them on Facebook. Registering for this service, you’ll get access to a community of travellers, the app support and option for printing your travel blog in the form of a book. Works only for iOS.

Even if traveling doesn’t offer many opportunities to sit down and gather your thoughts for writing an insightful post, these practical apps can make the experience of travel blogging on the go much easier.

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  • A lot of people seem to swear by travel apps nowadays. I must admit that personally I don’t really go for them in spite of the numerous benefits. Reasons being:-

    – taking my phone to all the destinations I travel to can be VERY expensive with roaming charges

    – my phone is slow enough as it is without further apps running and bringing it to a complete halt.

    I appreciate many people will find a lot of value in these. For me personally I’ve managed for nearly 2 decades of global travel with leaflets, the internet and talking to locals. Research before hand is also a good way to prepare.

    Happy app-ing.

  • Crystallize is a great way to share your content with the community by putting your posts in “crystals” and leaving them at the places you travel to. Other people who visit the same place will receive a notification about your crystal, at which point they can open it up, read it and add comments, videos, and pictures. You can edit your own crystals from anywhere.

    It’s currently only on Android:

  • Thanks for sharing! TripMayor is well-laid out. I love it!
    I do recommend Justgola. It is also a good app. I often use it for my trip because it helps me to plan trip within seconds. I just need to add my interests, days and budget. I think it’s a really good app for travellers.

  • The write-up on Travelpod says “Works only for iOS”, which is not correct. I have been using Travel pod for more than 6 years now and find it very easy to use and the trip book option by SharedBook is great.

    • That was NOT ment! It has of course a Web App for use on pc, but on mobile unfortunately only iOS is suported.
      And therefore NO offline use for others than Apple fans :-(
      I switched from iOS to Android and I am very annoyed!!!!

      • I know. I’m so disappointed. I’m looking for a replacement. Any ideas?

        • is a nice alternative. Still a new platform in beta version, but I find it very easy to use and provides some interesting features and tools

  • Hi,

    Recently I came across this great article on your website ( The other day, I was discussing with my colleagues and they suggested that I should submit an article of my own.

    Your site is just perfect for what I have written! Would it be okay to submit an article? It is free of charge, of course!

    Let me know what you think. Thank You.

    Best Regards,
    Anelie Ivanova
    ([email protected])

  • Trip Journal & My Quest are my favorite travel blogger apps. These are so beneficial in terms of providing perfect news related with travel and tour around the globe. Really beneficial and helpful …

  • Great apps. I hope to use the travel apps, especially the TravelPod, if ever I decide to make another blog about Madrid, Spain.

  • Thank you Dude !
    Great apps for blogging. Many peoples didn’t know about it but this post make easier for them. And also helpful for me.

    Thank you

  • Map Quest sounds good, easy and fast to work with. I am traveling, not blogging. Therfore the app has to be very comfortable. Thank you for this App List.

  • This is a great list but recently I’ve been using the app Memotrips. I can update it offline and then upload everything when I get an internet connection, which has been nice for travelling abroad.

  • Travelpod has been great. I’m looking for a (free) alternative where I can write off line, post photos and send to friends only when online. Any suggestions welcome. (I cant seem to locate Memotrips on Apple’s App store, which looks the most suitable)

  • I would add one very interesting new platform:
    It is still in beta release, however I like it for its simplicity and the way the information is structured.
    It also provides nice tools for travel bloggers, like a very nice embedded travel mao

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