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50 Lifestyle Blogs to Draw Inspiration From

50 Lifestyle Blogs to Draw Inspiration From

Best Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs come in all shapes and sizes. They’re written by people who want to share aspects of their lives and passions with others. To find ones that you enjoy, consider reading about topics that interest you, choosing authors that you relate to, and following ones that update regularly. That way, you’re not always visiting blogs that aren’t posting new content. The best lifestyle blogs are ones that add something to your life — no matter how well written something is, it might not capture you if the topic isn’t something that makes an impression.

When you’re ready to start lifestyle blogging, take inspiration from the experts who already run the best lifestyle blogs and have captured a sizeable audience. Catching up on the best lifestyle blogs of 2018 can help you stay current on exactly how bloggers are addressing hot-button topics, what makes a site interesting to visitors, and how often you’d have to update to build an audience. Even better, you can draw inspiration from these blogs by regularly following their updates. In this way, you can watch the best lifestyle bloggers work and take note of trends they’re following — and then use those trends to inform your own lifestyle blog.

50 Lifestyle Blogs to Draw Inspiration From

Male Bloggers

Lifestyle bloggers

Some lifestyle blogs are marketed directly to men, though it seems that most are designed for women.  The best lifestyle bloggers who write about men’s issues often focus on men’s style, relationship issues, or self-improvement. If you’re hoping to capture a male audience, these blogs might help you understand how to do so.

He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style is a blog about men’s fashion advice. It covers everything from personal grooming to fashion to the latest trends. They update several times per month.


ManMade is updated several times per month by multiple authors. It talks about do-it-yourself projects, cooking, technology, and design. It’s updated daily and includes posts by multiple authors.

Dumb Little Man

Dumb Little Man talks about ways to improve your life. It covers life hacks, relationships, health, and money. There’s a focus on obtaining success and happiness in life. It updates daily and says its authors have written for publications like the Washington Post and the LA Times.

Zen Habits

Zen Habits is all about making life simpler. It discusses emotional health, organization, and minimalism. The site itself reflects its philosophy: it’s white, black and gray with no images. It updates several times per month and includes at least one post per week.

Aspiring Gentleman

Aspiring Gentleman covers a plethora of topics, from buying a mattress to stories about interesting men who achieved success to Father’s Day buying guides. It updates regularly and includes posts from multiple authors.

Order of Man

Order of Man tells its readers to “live with purpose, achieve self-mastery, and create your legacy.” They say they can explain how to do that. Articles talk about how to improve yourself and live the life you desire. It updates a few times per week.

Capable Men

Capable Men looks at life from a philosophical perspective. It offers profiles of men, book reviews, and discussions about topics that might interest improvement-minded men. They update about once a month.

Die, Workwear!

Die, Workwear! is about both classic tailored and semi-casual clothes for men. They talk about trends and finding your personal style instead of wearing typical everyday outfits. They update several times per week.


Michael84 is the work of Michael Adams of Newcastle, UK. He writes about fashion, lifestyle, travel, music, grooming, technology and more. The blog is updated every day.

Exile Lifestyle

Exile Lifestyle by Colin Wright has been traveling since 2009 and moves several times per year. He lets people vote on where he moves next. He updates several times every month.

Professional Blogs

Best lifestyle blogs

Professional lifestyle blogs focus on career-oriented posts and advice. Many of the authors have a background in business or another professional field. The best lifestyle blogs that center on careers can actually help you find a new job, improve your current position, or increase your salary. If you’re hoping to write about careers, the best lifestyle blogs can give you a roadmap on which topics are popular and timely.


Corporette talks about life, fashion, and gives career advice to women who are in professional fields. For example, they talk about how to find a job, how to excel, and what the most comfortable heels to wear to work are. The site updates every day.

Gen Y Girl

Gen Y Girl is a combination of posts about life, motherhood, and career. The author does career coaching as a secondary job and has a lot of tips to offer anyone looking to change careers or improve their current position. It’s updated several times every month.

Candy Pop

Candy Pop is meant to inspire people to live their best lives; it’s written by a lifestyle blogger and creative coach named Natasha. She writes a lot about business tips and personal success. She updates sporadically.

Paula Slim

Paula Slim is a business consultant with decades of experience. She writes about workflow, dealing with clients, partnerships, and business strategies. Updates come out about once every month.

Classy Career Girl

Classy Career Girl posts about finding a job, improving your job performance, and starting or growing businesses. The site updates several times per week and has more than 2000 published posts to comb through.

Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk writes about how to get a job, mistakes people make in their careers, time with her son, and blogging tips. She updates a few times every month. Some posts entirely focus on her family while others discuss only business strategy.

She Takes on the World

She Takes on the World is written by Natalie Macneil, who has won an Emmy, written a book, and worked as a motivational speaker. The blog updates a few times a month and talks about everything from business success to dealing with stress.

Laurie Ruettimann

Laurie Ruettimann discusses career advice and helps people figure out how to succeed at work. She’s a professional career-oriented speaker who gives advice to job seekers and holders alike. She updates several times per month.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk blogs about business strategy, optimism, and success. He also runs a popular podcast that he writes about fairly often. He updates about once or twice per month.

Motivated Gen Y

Motivated Gen Y talks about a variety of topics but frequently discusses career options for younger people. It also talks about alternative employment styles such as working from homes. It updates a couple times each week.

Travel Blogs

Lifestyle blogger

Travel blogs chronicle the author’s journeys around the globe or closer to home. For travel, the best lifestyle bloggers are those who are out traveling, taking pictures, and sharing their journeys with their readers. That doesn’t mean you can’t write a travel blog if you’re close to home though — you just have to find adventures nearby that are interesting enough to readers to make yours one of the best travel lifestyle blogs of 2018 and beyond.

This is My Happiness

This is My Happiness is written by a woman with family in several different countries. She says that — along with her art history and linguistics degrees — contribute to the way she travels. She updates sporadically but posts several new blogs per month.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is about a woman who travels the world. Posts include travel tips, discussions of photography and fashion, and travel reports from each place she visits. She posts several times per month, often pointing readers toward great deals abroad.

Cubicle Throwdown

Cubicle Throwdown is the work of Rika, who left her job in 2012 and hasn’t stopped traveling since. She’s worked as a SCUBA instructor and an ESL teacher. She updates a few times per month and talks about the life of an expat.

The Clumsy Traveler

The Clumsy Traveler is the story of Rika. She started her blog because she loves to travel and was planning a honeymoon around the world. She updates once every month with stories about her trips, travel tips, and suggestions for gear that others who travel might want to use.

A Life of More

A Life of More talks about the author’s experiences traveling abroad and finding adventures at home. She says her ethos is “Travel often. Live simply. Be happy.” She updates every couple of months.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is run by Matthew Karsten who’s been traveling for more than seven years. He writes about travel tips, stories about his adventures, photography, and adventures. He also gives recommendations for people who want to travel. The blog is updated on a weekly basis at minimum.

Bucket List Journey

Bucket List Journey is written by a woman who’s checking off things she wants to do with her life. A lot of the list items include travel and she writes reviews of hotels, tips on visiting different cities, and about activities she undertakes. She generally updates a few times every month.

Adventures Around Asia

Adventures Around Asia follows Richelle, a girl who moved from Seattle to China and describes her experiences traveling through Asia. Richelle talks about scuba diving, exotic food, and coffee often. She shares pictures and stories to help inspire others to travel through Asia. The blog updates a couple of times per week.

Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes focuses on long-term travel. James Clark, the author, calls his way of living a location independent lifestyle. He writes about the cities he visits, travel guides, hotel reviews, and issues with living without a home base. He updates throughout the month and publishes a travel newsletter every Friday.

Finding the Universe

Finding the Universe is written by a couple who travel the world together. They write about places they’ve gone, give trips to travelers, and also focus on photography because they’re both interested in the topic — which is reflected in their posts. They update a few times every month.

Home Blogs

Home blogs talk about decor, do-it-yourself projects, and ways to improve your personal living space. In the home niche, the best lifestyle blogs of 2018 talk about everything from interior design to house hunting to fixing leaky pipes on a budget.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess focuses on simple and affordable style makeovers for your home and life. A lot of the posts address preparing for holidays or do-it-yourself tips for the home. It’s updated almost every day.

Designer Trapped

Designer Trapped is run by a lawyer with a passion for home improvement and décor. She writes about her time working on her home and gives tips, suggestions, and ideas about how to improve your abode. She updates a few times every month.

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The Happier Homemaker

The Happier Homemaker is an interior design and do-it-yourself blog that discusses home improvement and crafts. There are also sections on food, as the writer offers weekly meal plans to readers. Posts on blogging are also available. She updates the blog once or twice per week.

Crafty Little Gnome

Crafty Little Gnome is written by a jewelry artist. She also makes items for her home. One principle of her blog is that you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful place or an amazing life. She updates several times per month.

Hooked on Houses

Hooked on Houses shows a series of homes that Julia Sweeten, the author, appreciates. She has a list of houses by the style of the abode for people to flip through and find homes that interest them. It can serve as a guidebook for home styles. She updates a few times per month.

Just a Girl with a Hammer

Just a Girl with a Hammer is written by a woman who owns an old house that she’s renovating. She has a series of before and after photos for interested viewers. Her blog also includes outdoor projects. She updates monthly.

The Brave Life

The Brave Life is all about design inspiration. Liz Morrow, an interior designer, shares items and décor ideas she likes. The blog also occasionally includes fashion and recipe posts. She updates multiple times during the week.

Ugly Duckling House

The author of Ugly Duckling House invites readers to join her as she tears her house apart and then puts it back together again. She writes posts about her experiences in home ownership, including fixing issues with leaks, cutting down trees, and making her own garden bed. Sarah updates her blog sporadically but posts an average of once a week.

In My Own Style

In My Own Style includes posts about do-it-yourself decorating on a budget and creative styling tips. The author also writes about her life and experiments with crafts and painting. She updates a few times per month with colorful pictures and stories of her experiences.

Infarrantly Creative

Infarrantly Creative is written by a mother with two children. She’s passionate about repurposing and recycling to reduce waste which shows in the projects and materials she chooses. Many of her posts give tutorials on how to make items. She updates weekly and posts lots of entries with pictures.

Best Lifestyle Blogs in Other Areas

2018 lifestyle blogs

Other lifestyle blogs focus on the daily life of the person or people writing the blog. They’re often not written with a specific theme but rather written to share thoughts on a variety of topics. A few of the best lifestyle blogs of 2018 are location-based; others are just about the topic itself. Some lifestyle and fashion blogs, for example, focus on New York and fashion in relation to that city. That might interest people who live there. Others take a more international approach which could resonate with a different audience. No matter where you are or what interests you, you can find an audience that will follow your blog and enjoy every word you write.

The Everygirl

The Everygirl has a variety of content and updates several times per month. They talk about travel, life, careers, health, news, and trends. It’s focused on women but men can also find wisdom in some of the articles.

Amelia Liana

Amelia Liana writes about fashion, beauty, and travel. She lives in both London and New York City but also spends much time in new places. She tends to update several times per month and writes from both locations.

2 Cats and Chloe

In 2 Cats and Chloe, which is run by a woman named Susan, there are posts about eating clean, travel, marketing, and blogging. She also writes about being a mother. The blog is updated every month or so.

Hello Archie

Hello Archie is about a family of four. The mother, who writes the blog, is a graphic designer who enjoys photography. She writes about their travels, parenting, maternity, and style. The blog is updated on a weekly basis.

What the Chung

What the Chung is run by Jamie Chung, an actress and blogger. She talks about work, food, and what things inspire her. She includes a lot of posts about her dog, Ewok. Jamie updates several times per month with colorful photos and stories about her life.

Camille Styles

Camille Styles focuses on everything from cooking, to home décor, to style, fitness, and professional goals. The blog is written with a focus on helping people improve their daily choices and lives. It’s updated multiple times throughout the month.

Love, Taza

Love, Taza is written by a woman who met and married a fellow student in New York City while they attended college. Now they have five children and moved back to New York after a few years in D.C. Noemi, the author, writes about food, travel, motherhood, and family time. Generally speaking, she updates a few times every month.

The LDN Diaries

The LDN Diaries is written by a London-based blogger. She writes about life in London, travel, fashion, and products that she likes. She also posts about tech and interior design. The blog has a little something for everyone and is updated a few times per month.

Island Living 365

Island Living 365 is written by a woman who owns a home on an island with her husband and children. She writes about travel, decorating, food, and her daily life. Island Living 365 is updated multiple times throughout the month.

Extra Petite

Extra Petite is a blog where Jean Wang writes about style, food, and travel in addition to stores about her daily life. Overall, says she wants people to feel more empowered by their style, no matter where they are. It’s updated throughout the month.

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