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Blog Media Inc launches Problogging

Blog Media Inc launches Problogging

The latest blog from Blog Media Inc, has been launched, with former 9rules member Ben Bleikamp announcing the launch on his blog. Nice looking design and some decent discussion and content so far. Like any new blog it takes some time to get some rhythm going, but certainly the site has great potential. Best of luck to Ben and the Blog Media team.

(Via Blog Network Watch)

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  • Matt
    fixed, apologies.

    Luke v isn’t really the same, but they are a similar target audience. I don’t think Darren has anything to worry about though, he’s got a great personal following, but I do see sites such as as (and I’m sorry to sound like a complete wanker when I say this) “adding to the conversation”. And competition is good, I’ve had a pile of competition at The Blog Herald over the years, and I’ve announced every single competitor and given them a plug. It’s also made me work harder and been aware that I can’t let my guard down or get lazy because someone else out there is competiting in my space (note, I’m not saying Darren is any of those things, but you know what I mean).

    Problogging may also give different perspectives than Darren as well, and you know me, diversity of opinion is a wonderful thing :-)

  • As one of the writers on ProBlogging one thing I have appreciated is the respect that David,Matt, and Chris for helping me along. It’s been great to work with these guys and we have a lot of respect for Darren as a writer and I think from reading Ben’s work that he will be different and our site really is more than just for ProBloggers its about relating problogging to the mainstream of society,media, and culture.

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