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4 Niche Ideas That Will Help You Make the World a Better Place

4 Niche Ideas That Will Help You Make the World a Better Place

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New Year. New start.

That’s how it usually goes, doesn’t it? And, perhaps you are thinking along the same lines when it comes to your blogging endeavors. You may not be planning on dropping your current blog, but the idea of entering a new niche is not uncommon at the start of a new year.

While one of the major factors when choosing a new niche to enter is profitability, choosing a niche based on its impact on society is great way to go. If your way of thinking is aligned with the latter, then here are some ideas for a blog niche that will make a difference.

Ideas for a “good cause” niche

Violence against women/men

blog niche good cause

Domestic violence has long been an issue across borders. If this problem is close to your heart, then it’s the best niche to enter.

One angle is to focus on violence against women, and take advantage of the strong movement. You can search Twitter, for example, and use the hashtag #WomenViolence – both for ideas and exposure.

On the other hand, there is the less talked about issue of violence against men.  Did you know that 1 in 7 men have been victims of severe physical abuse?

There is a lot of ground you can cover with a blog in this niche. From providing resources for legal advice on domestic violence to sharing stories to offering encouragement – you can make a difference in people’s lives.

Families with children/members with special needs

According to Disabled World Towards Tomorrow, “disability affects hundreds of millions of families in developing countries. Currently around 10 per cent of the total world’s population, or roughly 650 million people, live with a disability”.

That’s a wide audience to reach and help!

One approach is to cover the umbrella niche of disability. An example is Special Child, which features various disorders and has sections like Success Stories, Horror Stories, Diagnosis Search, Bulletin Boards, and Family Issues.

Another approach is to focus on one – or several, related – disabilities. You can help spread awareness and perhaps even raise funds. For example, one condition close to my heart is Prader-Willi Syndrome. If you have a “connection” to a specific condition, then you can focus on that.

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Rescued animals

blog niche good cause

This niche is a popular one, with more and more people joining the cause against animal cruelty. The cause has existed for many years, but the Internet has helped awareness reach peak levels. But it can still go higher.

One idea is to focus on your locale and surrounding areas so that your efforts can have a stronger impact. Partner up with local shelters and organizations. Cover events. Write about animals up for adoption. Share pet care tips.

The underprivileged

Wherever you go, there will always be people who live in poverty. Even first world countries have their own share of this problem. While governments have measures in place to help these people, they can only do so much – and some don’t do a lot.

That’s where individuals like you and I can make a difference.

Wrap up

This is only a handful of blog niches that support good causes – handpicked with a tinge of bias on my end; but there are a lot of other niches for a good cause that you can enter in 2016. Whatever it is that you feel you can help with, don’t let anything stop you!

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  • This is one time of year when being a writer is particularly fun. I love picking my new personal challenge at the beginning of every year.

    For 2016, I am taking on a wholly new and exciting niche: dressage. I know less than nothing about horses and equestrian “stuff,” so this is new world for me. I am vying for a job with an old school mate who owns a horse farm and is a champion equestrian. He doesn’t yet have any kind of marketing or social media going on, so we are working together to establish his social media presence and start marketing his business to those outside his circle.

    I am an indoor introvert bookworm, having been on an ornery horse once in my life, so this a huge leap for me. So far it’s fascinating and challenging, and it looks to be lucrative for me in the future.

    Great timing on this post. I think a lot of stunning new opportunities happen for writers when we step outside our comfort zones to take on new challenges. The new year is always a perfect time to do so.

  • Very interesting idea. I have never thought about going down this avenue, but I do have a question.

    How would you go about monetizing this?

    I know that it is kind of weird thinking about monetization when dealing with these subjects, but it is something I think many would want to know.

    I would guess adverts would be the best route to be as non intrusive as possible?

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